PanArmenian News
Dec 4 2004


04.12.2004 16:34

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ There is only one solution to "liberate" "the
territories of Azerbaijan" - the war, stated Chairman of the Islamic
Party of Azerbaijan Hajiagha Nuriyev in a conversation with a
Caucasian Knot correspondent. The leader of the Islamists also
criticized the US policy towards Azerbaijan. In his words, official
Washington pursues a double policy towards Azerbaijan. "The US not
only provides much financial assistance to Armenia, but also supports
the Nagorno Karabakh "separatists." It is an indicator of official
Washington double policy." Having touched the issue of peaceful talks
the Party Chairman noted that those talks would not have a notable
effect. It should be reminded that official Azerbaijan is becoming
closer with the Organization of Islamic Conferences of late and an
Islamic youth forum is held in Baku on these days. There are two
groups of Islamists, operating in Azerbaijan. The first, represented
by the Islamic Party, adheres the Shiite direction of Islam,
traditional for Azerbaijan. However, Islamism in its Wahhabism
version, with a center in Abu Bakr mosque in Baku, is much more
spread among the youth. After the defeat of the opposition, tending
towards the West, in the opinion of many political scientists,
Islamists can become an actual political force in Azerbaijan in a few