International Korfball Federation
Sept 3 2009

Twenty-four countries have registered to compete in the qualifications
of the IKF European Championship, due to take place in the Netherlands
in October 2010. This is a substantial increase from the 16 countries
having registered for the 2006 Championship in Budapest (Hungary),
demonstrating the fast growth of korfball activity in Europe.

The IKF Council has decided that 10 countries will be directly
qualified for the final round in the Netherlands, which will number
16 countries for the first time. Based on the World Ranking, these
ten countries (in alphabetical order) are: Belgium, Catalonia, Czech
Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal
and Russia.

The remaining six places will be determined in two pools of the
European Bowl competition. The first pool will take place on 31
October and 1 November in Prievidza (Slovakia) and will include
the following countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania,
Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey. The second pool will be contested on
6 and 7 November in Luxembourg (Luxemburg) and will include the
following countries: France, Ireland, Luxemburg, Scotland, Sweden
and Wales. The best three teams from each pool will qualify for the
final round in the Netherlands.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress