May 27 Armenian film director Frunze Dovlatyan's birthday
11:25 - 27.05.12

One of the leading directors of the Armenian cinema art, Frunze
Dovlatyan, was born on May 27, 1927 in Nor Bayazet (Gavar), Soviet

He started his career as an actor in Armenian provincial theatres
since 1941. He then played in Yerevan's Gabriel Sundukian Drama
Theatre, where he was awarded Stalin Prize (for the role of Hrair in
the play "These Stars are Ours", Russian version ".

Dovlatyan graduated the Directing Department of VGIK Moscow (master
class of S.Gerasimov. His best-known film, Barev, yes em (Hello, It's
Me) won the State Prize of Armenia in 1967.

In 1968, Dovlatyan became the creative adviser of Saroyan Brothers, a
film featuring the tragic lot of two brothers, Hayk and Gework, who
appeared on different sides of a political struggle in Armenia after
World War I. In 1972 he directed Chronicle of Yerevan Days. His
filmography also includes such movies and documentaries as Live Long
(1979), Cry of a Peacock (1982), International Conference in Venice
(1982), Center of Mkhitarian's (1982), Bridge of Cultures (1985) and
Nostalgia (1990).

Dovlatyan died on August 30, 1997 in Yerevan.