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Armenian Higher Education Initiative Completes 2012 Summer Humanities Program

The Armenian Higher Education Initiative is pleased to announce the
completion of its inaugural summer humanities program. Undergraduate
university students of Armenian heritage came together from Georgia,
Artsakh, as well as universities in Gyumri, Kavar, and Yerevan for an
intensive program in the humanities and social sciences. The aim of
the course was to stimulate critical thinking and provide sound
fundamentals in participants' areas of study, as well as to deliver
valuable insights into subjects to which students would not otherwise
have had exposure. Core courses consisted of methodology seminars in
political science and history, and they were complemented by lectures
in a variety of other subjects given by local specialists. Classroom
space was provided by Yerevan State University and Counterpart

AHEI staff members Asbed Kotchikian, Hamazasp Danielyan, Gayane
Vardanyan, and Arshak Balayan led the program, and visiting lecturers
included art historian Lilit Sargsyan, Lara Aharonian of the Women's
Resource Center in Yerevan, ethnologist Tigran Matosyan, Artak
Kirakosyan of the Civil Society Institute, nationalism studies expert
Mikael Zolyan, and media expert Gegham Vardanyan. Drs. Danielyan and
Ara Sanjian led the methodology courses, preparing students for
long-term research projects that will take place in the coming months.

The program was sponsored by the Open Society Institute. OSI alumni
participated in a debate with the AHEI group, and also gave
presentations on their public service activities alongside AHEI final
presentations at the end of the course.

Participants had the opportunity to travel to Echmiadzin, where they
met with the Cross of Armenian Unity NGO. In addition, students met
with members of the Armenian Volunteer Corps/Birthright Armenia, where
they shared their respective experiences and agreed to cooperate on
issues such as finding host families for one another and exchanging
information on local organizations. Towards the end of the program,
students attended a seminar with Jirayr Libaridian, former Advisor to
President Levon Ter-Petrossian, in which they discussed Armenia's
current and future political situation.

AHEI participants expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the course
and have already created active online networks with one another. The
AHEI aims to create strong bonds between its staff and participants
and provide alumni with valuable information and opportunities for
future academic pursuits. For further information about the Arrmenian
Higher Education Initiative, please contact Sarah Ludwig, Executive
Director, at [email protected] visit our website at