ARF - Movement 88 issues address to people

14.06.2005 17:27

YEREVAN (YERKIR) - The Armenian Revolutionary Federation - Movement
88 coalition has issued an address to the people of Karabakh in
connection with the upcoming parliamentary election in the Nagorno
Karabakh Republic. Below is the text of the address.

Dear Compatriots,

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation - "Movement '88" coalition
appeals to you--our homeland's faithful , indomitable, and
fearless comrades-in-arms. Once again, our country's future is
endangered. Certain servants of our ruling authorities--abusing their
official posts, using their levers of power, relying on the wealth
they have amassed through plunder and unlawful means, casting aside
the values of basic human morality, resorting to forcible pressures
and trampling upon the most basic human rights, spreading fear and
terror, everywhere employing dirty tricks and lawless means, using the
temptation of money and bribes--now seek to place in parliamentary
seats pro-government candidates, and through them to prolong an
atmosphere of acquiescence, license, corruption, bribery, power,
authority, etc.

Just as yesterday, when we won our victory through efforts of
solidarity, through the unbreakable will of our young, at the price
of blood shed by our freedom-fighters, today once more let us gather
our forces, rally around the course of democratization, defense of
human rights, and ideology; let us stand up for our rights and our
dignity; let us not be fooled by the empty promises of pro-government
candidates, and with the steadfast stance befitting the people of
Artsakh, let us raise our voice resolutely, and give our votes to the
ARF-"Movement '88 coalition, both in general and especially through
its candidates, who have gone through the path of war, and who have
been forged in the crucible of battle.

Dear Compatriots,

You, through your voice, and we, through our determination, together
are destined to secure the future dignity of the people of Artsakh.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation - "Movement '88" Coalition