Amnesty International UK
March 24 2015

Event typePanel discussionDate Wednesday 22 April 2015 LocationAmnesty
International UK, Human Rights Action Centre 17 - 25 New Inn Yard
London EC2A 3EA Time18:30PriceFreeContactAmnesty International UK

-Exclusive free film screening and Q&A session -Reception with canapes
follows event

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Carla Garapedian, Armenian film Foundation and Project Leader, Armenian
Genocides Testimonies Collection Dr James Smith CBE, CEO of the Aegis
Trust and co-founder of the UK National Holocaust Centre Chaired by
Kate Allen, Director Amnesty International UK

It's estimated that between 1 and 1.5 million people died through the
attempted extermination of Armenians from the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

April 24 marks 100 years since the start of that awful period in
Armenian history.

We'll remember the victims on the night, through an exclusive film
screening. For the last three years, the Armenian Film Foundation has
been working with Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation and has collected
400 testimonies of Armenian genocide survivors and eyewitnesses,
filmed over the last four decades. This rare collection includes
Armenians, Greeks, Arabs, Assyrians and Yezidis. The Yezidis were
eyewitnesses to the Armenian genocide - and now, sadly, are seeing
history repeat itself.

After the screening, the panel will look at how impunity and failures
to bring to justice the perpetrators of atrocities leads to future
atrocities. We'll focus on the Armenian genocide, and then look wider
to subsequent crimes against humanity and genocides committed in the
century since - right up to the emergence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.