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April 15 2006

Trump Calls Miss Iraq 'Very Brave'
by UPI Wire
Apr 15, 2006

NEW YORK, April 14, 2006 (UPI) -- Miss Universe pageant owner Donald
Trump says he is considering a tribute to the newly crowned Miss
Iraq, who has been hiding amid death threats.

"She is very proud to have won, and now she is in a very tough
position," Trump told Friday's New York Post. "She is extremely

Silvia Shahakian, 23, a Christian of Armenian ancestry, was crowned
Sunday when the original winner stepped down after receiving threats
from extremists.

Shahakian told ABC's "Good Morning America" she was going into
hiding, but the Post said it is believed she is still in Iraq.

Trump said there may be a special salute to Shahakian during the Miss
Universe pageant July 23 in Los Angeles.

"We've had countries in the contest before where it was not the most
popular thing to do, but never like this," he said.

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From: Baghdasarian