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August 1, 2006

The Naregatsi Art Institute (NAI) is proud to announce it has become
the Armenian national partner for the International Child Art
Foundation?s (ICAF) Third Arts Olympiad in Washington, D.C., the
world?s largest and most prestigious art competition for children aged
eight to twelve. The International Arts Olympiad involves three
million children in over 100 countries. Each national partner holds a
National Arts Olympiad, where the winning young artists represent
their countries during the week long festival and exhibition in
Washington, D.C. in June of 2007.

NAI has been chosen to be the national partner due to its dynamic and
growing presence in the art world of Armenia. NAI is dedicated to
serving Armenia?s existing cultural heritage through supporting
Armenian contemporary artists and creating a forum in which the spirit
of art and the common voice can resonate freely. Through its various
projects for children, NAI sees the artistic development of the
children of Armenia as an investment in the artists of tomorrow.

NAI invites all schools, art programs, orphanages, NGOs for children,
and community organizations throughout Armenia to participate in the
Armenian Children?s Arts Olympiad 2006. This free program for children
aged eight to twelve begins with a suggested lesson plan for teachers
in order to help students create paintings and drawings on the theme

?My Favorite Sport?.

Each school or organization may submit up to three artworks created by
their students by the deadline of October 5th, 2006. The Naregatsi
Art Institute?s independent and distinguished panel of judges will
choose the 50 best entries for an art exhibition in October, 2006,
when the 1st place winner will be announced.