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Hripsimeh Janpoladian-Piotrovskaya passed away (Izvestia.Ru)

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  • Hripsimeh Janpoladian-Piotrovskaya passed away (Izvestia.Ru)

    Hripsimeh Janpoladian-Piotrovskaya passed away 88

    Aged 87, after a long and severe illness passed away Hripsimeh
    Janpoladian-Piotrovskaya - the mother of the academician Mikhail Piotrovski
    - the present head of the Hermitage museum and the widow of the academician
    Boris Piotrovski who occupied that post for almost thirty years. A graduate
    of the Yerevan University turned an outstanding archeologist-orientalist,
    Hripsimeh Janpoladian-Piotrovskaya had found her destiny on the excavations
    of the famous Karmir-Blur. It was on that expedition, having made way into
    the manuals on Ancient history, that she met in 1941 Boris Piotrovski, then
    a scientific collaborator of the Hermitage museum. The bronze statuette of
    the Urartian war god (a not accidental coincidence with 1941), that
    Hripsimeh Mikaelovna had found, introduced them to each other. They married
    in 1944 in Yerevan where Piotrovski, dying in the Leningrad blockade from
    emaciation, had been evacuated the year before. In Yerevan was born their
    firstling - Mikhail. His vocation too became archeology. Still a school
    student he was frequenting expeditions, and the first ever expedition salary
    Mikhail spent on a small nephrite vase, a mascot-gift for his mother.

    For many years, continuing her scientific work at the Archeology Institute
    of the USSR Academy of Arts, Hripsimeh Piotrovskaya has been doing, maybe,
    her principal life-work: keeping the family hearth warming the Piotrovski
    house counter the uneasy soviet and post-soviet social-political winds. She
    was also the editor of the works of the academician Boris Piotrovski
    published posthumously: among them the encyclopedic `History of the
    Hermitage museum,' the diary `Travel notes' and biographical notes `Pages
    from my life.' Being the mother of Mikhail Piotrovski and the wife of Boris
    Piotrovski is a difficult pride and a joyous responsibility. She carried
    them with dignity and tact. It is sorrowful to say about her - she was.