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    Fund for Armenian Relief's Fellows Alumni Association
    9-38 Tumanyan Street,
    Yerevan, Armenia
    Contact: Gevorg Yaghjyan
    Local seminar coordinator
    Tel: (3741) 53-58-68
    Fax: (3742) 53-48-79
    E-mail: [email protected]


    "Bone and Joint / Trauma Surgery"

    Yerevan, August 27-29, 2004

    FARFAA - Salzburg Medical Seminars Program together with AAF (American
    Austrian Foundation) and the National Institute of Trauma organized a
    Satellite Symposium on "Bone and Joint/Trauma Surgery". The symposium
    was organized with the general sponsorship of FAR (Fund for Armenian
    Relief). It took place on August 27-29, in Yerevan. About 50 bone and
    joint/trauma specialists from different hospitals of Armenia
    participated in the symposium.

    The co-chairmen of the symposium were Professor Vachagan Ayvazyan, the
    head of the Union of Traumatologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons of
    Armenia, Director of TOBRC, head of the Bone and Joint / Trauma
    Surgery Chair at NIH, and Dr. Bostrom, a prominent professor at the
    Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, USA. The symposium was also
    attended by Dr. Konstantinos N.Malizos, Professor of Orthopaedic
    Surgery at the University Hospital of Thessalia in Larissa, Greece.

    Some of the lectures during the symposium were "Reconstruction of Long
    Bone Defects with Vascularized Fibular Grafts", "A Comprehensive
    Approach to the Osteonecrosis of the Skeleton" (by Dr. K. Malizos), "
    Total Knee Replacement Exposures: Technical Pearls & Pitfalls",
    "Management of Complications in Total Hip Arthroplasy",
    "Osteoarthritis: Treatment Alternatives", "Orthobiologics and Growth
    Factors in Bone Healing" (by Dr. Bostrom). Several case presentations
    were demonstrated on "Total Hip Replacement", "Legs Fracture" (by
    TOBRC), "Elbow Joint Repalcement" (by OSC), "Hip Repacement",
    "Electrotrauma Management" (by EMC), "Island Flaps in Limb
    Reconstrsuction" (by PRSMSC) and "Foot Reconstruction" (by SNMC).

    The goal of the symposium was to present the latest information on the
    experience and the knowledge of the international faculty members to
    doctors of Armenia. All the participants had the opportunity to fill
    in a questionnaire expressing their approach about the organization of
    the symposium.

    The symposium was positively evaluated by participants and organizing
    committee due to the high level of presentations, interesting
    discussions and established connections.

    On August 27, the guest lecturers paid visits to Yerevan's hospitals.

    The organizers are especially grateful to the FAR for technical
    (laptop, projector) and financial assistance and AAF for cooperation.

    The organizers would like to thank academician Vilen Hakobyan, the
    rector of the Yerevan State Medical University, who provided the YSMU
    Conference Hall for the Satellite Symposium.

    We hope that this program will find continuation in the future and
    will help to enhance the practice of local specialists due to gained
    theoretical knowledge and discussions.

    FARFAA is a non-for-profit non-governmental organization of medical
    professionals, aimed at improving the health care system and advancing
    the medical sciences in Armenia.