Azat Artsakh - Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 19 2004


Recently `Azat Artsakh' informed about the damage caused by strong
winds in several regions of the republic in the months February and
March, anticipating state assistance to people who suffered from the
disaster. During the March 16 government meeting NKR prime minister
Anoushavan Danielian set forth this question too. `The size of damage
is rather big,' said the head of the government, `we already have the
references from the administrations of the regions sustained
significant damage from the winds which will be summed up and
compensation will be made in the shortest possible term. Priority
will be given to the state enterprises on which the families of
killed or disabled azatamartiks and insecure families depend.'
According to the prime minister, they have to find the most effective
variant: to provide assistance either in the form of cash money, or
building materials. Immediately after the settlement of the technical
aspect of the issue compensation will be provided in the shortest
possible term.