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  • Early to build a Babel tower

    Azat Artsakh - Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
    March 19 2004


    The opposition of Armenia was too much inspired by the `rose
    revolution' in Georgia and even took `independent' steps in the form
    of addresses deviating from the official position at the PACE
    meeting. Paying attention to the words of George Bush after his
    meeting with the current president of Georgia, who has carried out
    the `rose revolution', Sahakashvili that they discussed the
    possibility of spreading the revolution in other countries, we have
    to state that the protests of the Armenian opposition are fertile
    ground for this. Apparently the interest of the USA to spread the
    rose revolution depends on the disappointment with the foreign
    political position of official Yerevan. And although the opposition
    tries to find the cause in the non-democratic presidential election
    from which a year has passed already, the election in Baku which is
    unanimously criticized by all the observers, makes to search for
    other reasons. And as it is known to everybody that at all times the
    mediation missions were an active mechanism of putting pressure on
    the conflict parties, as well as a desire of the states which were
    not conflict parties to solve their strategic and geopolitical
    problems in the given country or region, we have to confess that we
    are in a greater dependence on the countries which did not
    participate in the conflict than we would like to be, countries the
    number of which is growing and consequently the settlement becoming
    more complicated. Naturally, at the beginning of the conflict we
    depended on the USSR and its heir Russia whose strategic interests in
    the Caucasus coincided with those of Armenia and Nagorni Karabakh, by
    the way the final settlement of the Karabakh conflict and especially
    its unification with Armenia is out of the circle of their interests
    (there will be no other circumstance for putting pressure on
    Azerbaijan). The other non-participant interested party, the USA
    whose colonial pretensions have no limits, cherishes the desire of
    ousting Russia from the region, as this country has still many levers
    to put pressure on Armenia as the latter is in an unfavourable
    condition, surrounded by hostile countries. And again we appear in
    the focus of the collision of the interests of great powers because
    of our geopolitical position, and it is very important to pay
    attention at last to this factor using it in favour of our country.
    In such difficult conditions it is not proper for the government and
    the opposition to enter a conflict. We do not even have the right to
    dream of a `rose revolution'. It is not accidental that at all times
    the words of the great poet remain actual, `Armenian nation, your
    only salvation is your united power.' For if we are united, the
    inventors of the American machine of revolutions would have no
    support and would have to take into consideration the interests of
    the given nation. And finally, how is it possible to keep silent
    about the murder of the Armenian army officer during the NATO program
    `Partnership for Peace'? The cruelty of the incident unexpected for
    Europe should be used by the RA government and the Armenian Diaspora
    to show that the line of globalization adopted by America and Europe
    is not always adequate in reference to denying national borders, and
    the nation which during the 20th century resorted to a genocide and
    other cruel revenges does not recognize any rule. For they were not
    able to protect the Armenian officer from the Azerbaijani murderer in
    a neutral country and especially within the framework of such a
    strong military alliance as NATO. So, it is still early to pretend to
    the role of builder of the tower of Babel; the consequences will be
    all the same.