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"A1+" Facing a Legal Bar

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  • "A1+" Facing a Legal Bar

    A1 Plus | 20:02:39 | 23-03-2004 | Social |


    Which are the privileges of the TV Companies that won at TV and Radio
    National Committee' tenders and now broadcast? Which are the shortcomings of
    "A1+" that TV and Radio National Committee has deprived it of the chance to
    return to broadcasting area for 7 times and didn't allow the reasons for
    license refusal?

    "Meltex" LTD representatives have been applying to the Economic Court for 7
    months to get them in written. That trial, hearing of "Meltex" LTD claim
    demanding TV and Radio National Committee to let the reasons for not
    granting "A1+" the broadcasting license in the tenders for 25th, 31st, 39th,
    51st frequencies, has ended today.

    At today's session "Meltex" LTD representative Ara Zohrabyan introduced an
    application also demanding TV and Radio National Committee to make public
    the bases for refusing the license to "A1+" in the tenders for 3rd, 63rd and
    56th frequency ranges.

    "The decision on granting a license to a tender winner can't be commented
    otherwise but the decision on refusing a license to other participants of
    the tender", TV and Radio National Committee representative Varser
    Karapetyan said, neglecting the requirements of the 51st article of the Law
    on "Television and Radio" and the 63rd article of "Regulations of TV and
    Radio National Committee". The 51st article clearly states: An applicant is
    informed in written about the bases of refusing the license within 10 days
    after the decision is made.

    However, as it was expected from the last phase of the legal proceedings
    (baseless dragging out of the trial, challenge of TV and Radio National
    Committee to the Judge) Judge Robert Sargssyan rejected "A1+" claim against
    TV and Radio National Committee.

    The Court decision can be appealed against in the Appeal Court within 15