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Armenian leader favours integration into"family of democratic countr

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  • Armenian leader favours integration into"family of democratic countr

    Armenian leader favours integration into "family of democratic countries"

    Mediamax news agency
    27 May 04

    Yerevan, 27 May: Armenian President Robert Kocharyan said in Yerevan
    today that "Armenia will continue its way to full integration into
    the family of democratic countries, which requires lengthy and
    consistent work".

    According to Mediamax, Kocharyan said this at a meeting with the
    ambassadors of foreign countries to Armenia, whose residences are
    outside Armenia.

    "Attaching special importance to Armenia's close cooperation with
    European and other international organizations, we believe that
    our country should keep abreast of the modern world," Kocharyan
    said. According to him, loyalty to the complementary policy, which
    became the basis of Armenia's foreign policy several years ago,
    has yielded rather serious results.

    Speaking about the economic situation in the country, Kocharyan added
    that the first stage of reforms had ended. This is proved by the
    stable pace of economic growth and good macroeconomic indices, which
    have been maintained over the last few years. Despite this, Kocharyan
    said, part of Armenia's population lives on the verge of poverty, and
    a solution to this problem is the Armenian government's priority today.

    Kocharyan said that he welcomed the idea of an annual meeting in
    Yerevan between the non-resident ambassadors. According to him, regular
    meetings of this kind with the diplomats, who do not permanently
    live on Armenian territory, "will allow us to present the processes
    in the country in a better way".