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Unrecognized Genocide of Armenians

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  • Unrecognized Genocide of Armenians

    Unrecognized Genocide of Armenians

    November 26, 2004

    The long series of political killing in the Ottoman Empire at the end
    of 1890' s prepared soil for the mass massacres of 1915-1923, which is
    now called the Armenian Genocide, which resulted in killing of one and
    a half million of Armenians. The start of those events is considered
    the murder of a number of prominent Armenians in Constantinople on
    April 24, 1915.

    This is an issue that few people want to speak about except
    Armenians. Often people try to use false terms like `killings of
    Armenians by Turks' or ` Armenian massacre,' while historically it is
    a real genocide.

    However, up to day, many nations, including the USA, have not
    recognized the genocide. During the recent US election, democrat John
    Kerry promised to definitely recognize the genocide if being elected.

    However, Bush's victory means another four years of suspension of the
    issue. History shows that certain economic and military conditions
    always prevent from deep analysis of the issues. Obviously, great role
    belongs to Turkey in the Middle East fights and policies.

    As a result, the genocide continues to be silenced, which means
    closing doors to the truth. This type of behavior does not suit
    nations propagandizing humanism and transparency. Moreover that
    nations like Argentina, Israel andthe USA have come across such
    phenomena on certain occasions.

    La Nacion editorial
    Buenos Aires

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress