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    Time to turn words into actions

    November 26, 2004

    Anonymous letters about a phenomenon, snitching on colleagues,
    internal `investigation' These techniques of the 30's of the pasty
    century appear to be actual today.

    Recently, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation's Nikol Aghbalian
    Youth Organization organized a seminar on the issues of corruption in
    universities. When it is about condemning corruption, everyone
    including professors, students and rectors, join in. Everyone supports
    the fight against it, but as it comes to actual steps against the
    phenomenon, different process starts.

    A student that signed the memo against corruption during the seminar
    withdraws his say and condemns not the corruption but those fighting
    against it. A rector investigates those who participated in the survey
    that recognized his university as corrupted, trying to clean up the
    name of his institution. A professor makes students write a collective
    letter condemning the students who ` disgraced the reputation of their

    Certainly these people have names and surnames, but it is not our goal
    to give names. However, if they continue to use the repressive methods
    for `keeping the honor' of their institution, we will have to
    publicize them. We will keep a close eye on this process and will
    address the fight against that vicious phenomenon. Universities are
    not private companies and are meant just to prepare professionals for
    the country.