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Armenian schools in Iran need more teachers

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  • Armenian schools in Iran need more teachers


    AUG 25,2005

    YEREVAN, AUGUST 25, ARMENPRESS: Children from Armenian families in Nor
    Julfa in Iran are fluent in their native tongue, like their parents
    due to 12 hours of Armenian language -course for students of elementary
    schools and 5-6 hours for secondary schools.
    The Armenian-called schools in Iran are actually schools in which the
    majority of subjects are taught in Farsi, providing also an extensive
    course in the Armenian language and history and though their history
    textbooks say nothing about the 1915 Armenian genocide in Turkey
    teachers take every opportunity to refer to it. School curricular are
    subject to constant revision in line with new requirements, carried
    out by local specialists and through constant contacts with Armenian
    education ministry. But according to Vazgen Movsisian, who teaches
    at local Katarina school there is a growing demand for teachers,
    though the nearby Isfahan University has an Armenian department.
    Armenians have lived in Iran as a religious minority for the last 17
    centuries. During this period, they have managed to preserve their
    language, and their religion. Armenians came in mass to Iran during
    the reign of Safavid King, Shah Abbas, who moved 300,000 of them
    from the Western and Eastern Armenia to Iran in early 17th century
    for political and economic reasons.
    They were housed in the Julfa area, which lies outside the city of
    Isfahan, and in the Gilan province. They later scattered throughout
    the Isfahan province and then into the Tehran Mazandaran, and Gilan
    provinces as well as Urumiyeh, the center of Western Azerbaijan. The
    Armenian community is said now to be estimated at around 200,000. After
    the revolution of 1978, forty thousand Armenians are said to have
    migrated abroad, particularly to the ex-Soviet Republic of Armenia.
    Armenians have nearly 40 schools, including eight high schools, the
    administration of which is supervised by the Education
    Ministry. Armenians also have their representatives in the parliament.