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President Putin To Assist In Solution Of Karabakh Issue

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  • President Putin To Assist In Solution Of Karabakh Issue


    RIA Novosti
    2005-03-25 17:33

    YEREVAN, March 25 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin
    hopes that Armenian and Azerbaijani Presidents will hold a regular
    bilateral meeting.

    In the course of the press-conference in Yerevan the Russian President
    said that he and the Armenian President discussed the settlement of
    the Nagorny Karabakh issue, situation in the Transcaucasia and the
    issues concerning the development of the transportation infrastructure.

    Speaking about the perspectives for the settlement of the conflict in
    Nagorny Karabakh (Armenian enclave in Azerbaijan, which proclaimed
    its independence from Baku) Putin assured that "Russia will render
    all the necessary assistance to settle the conflict."

    The Russian President noted that at the talks they both seriously
    considered the regional problems.

    "Our countries are interested in the stabilization of the situation
    in the Transcaucasia, formation of the trustworthy atmosphere and the
    formation of relations, which will contribute to the development of
    the social and economic spheres," Putin said.

    Moreover, the Presidents closely considered the issue concerning the
    development of the transportation infrastructure. Putin reminded that
    the first ferry from the Russian port Kavkaz (situated on the left bank
    of the Kerch strait, which divides Ukrainian Crimea and the Russian
    Taman peninsula) came to Poti port with cargo for Georgia. "I hope that
    in the future this ferry route will be used for deliveries of cargo for
    Armenia and other countries in the region," the Russian President said.

    "These steps will open broad opportunities for business, serve for the
    creation of new jobs, intensify the economic life of the region and
    provide for the enhancement of the integration processes," President
    Putin said.

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress