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There is Only One Problem in Armenia

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  • There is Only One Problem in Armenia



    [06:22 pm] 28 April, 2006

    `The role of each of us is important in the realization of democracy,
    everyone starting from the journalists must understand that much
    depends on him,' announced Nikol Pashinyan, the editor-in-chief of the
    daily `Armenian Times'. According to him, the society begins to
    understand it, and people begin to realize their responsibility.

    `We cannot understand what is going on in the political field. We are
    suffering from intellectual and moral vacuum,' Nikol Pashinyan
    says. According to him, the politicians do not know what to do. `If
    the authorities carry out their passive task to keep the power, the
    opposition does not know how to carry out its active task to take the

    Agreeing with the opinion that the politicians will not start working
    until the journalists urge them, Pashinyan noted, «The majority of the
    deputies goes to the Parliament to have a nap. If it weren't for the
    journalists, they would take their beds with them and sleep there»,
    Nikol Pashinyan said.

    He notes lack of honesty in the political field, as well as in the
    information field. According to him, the journalists are not honest
    enough with the people, and this is a problem of national security, as
    the citizens of the country are sometimes not aware of what is going
    on in the country.

    According to Pashinyan, the situation in the television field is
    conditioned by the absence of the «A1+» TV Company. «If there a TV
    Company like «A1+», it creates competition». According to him, today
    the journalists misinform people instead of informing them.

    He also noted that the ecological, energy and economic issues are
    completely ignored in Armenia. There is only one problem: the
    political one which is connected with the second article of the
    Constitution: the power belongs to the people. As soon as this problem
    is solved, all the others will be solved too.