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Demonstration of Russian Chauvinism and Fascism

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  • Demonstration of Russian Chauvinism and Fascism

    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Demonstration of Russian Chauvinism and Fascism

    28 April 06

    The head of `Center of Right and Freedom' organization Vardan Haroutiunian
    marks in this way the attack on the Armenians in Moscow.

    After murder of the Armenian young man in Tsalka our nationalists suggested
    to send forces to Georgia. But how do you explain that such extreme calls
    aren't summoned when 6 Armenians have been attacked in Moscow during this year?
    The last ones were the murder of Vahan Abrahamiants and beating of the
    producer Michael Dovlatian.
    It is very sorrowful when people are killed. Following the replies of murder
    and beating in Moscow we can come to a conclusion that it is very essential
    for us who and where has killed an Armenian. We are indignant, curse, make
    summons of war and keeping our dignity and honor only in the case when the
    Armenian is beaten, offended or killed by a Georgian, Turkish or Azerbaijani. But
    if it has happened in our everlasting friend Russia the reaction is other.
    Even public attempts are made to observe the cases of murder and violence of
    Armenians in the context of their negative, rude and wild behavior in Russia.
    It becomes clear that those affirmations that we are in war with our
    neighbors except the one are right. Our malevolence and unpleasantness towards them
    is so great that we consider each encroachment upon us as a hostile action
    towards Armenia and Armenian people. We have created for us the character of
    friend Russia that treat us as it likes and it isn't known what profits we have
    from its friendship. And today, against the background of violence and murder
    in Russia we create a figure of everlasting enemy from our neighbors to pass
    it to our children as a complex.
    Do you exclude that these attacks are usual hooliganism?
    It is excluded, that these incidents are hooliganism. These are crimes made
    on national ground. These attacks are made not only on the Armenians but on
    other nations, too. Russia follows the path of fascism. And the murder of the
    Armenian boy, Tajik girl, Negroes should be observed in this context. The
    legal proceedings on the case of Tajik girl murder and light punishments simply
    prove that Russia turns into fascist country. And our malevolence and
    hostility in case of Georgia is so subjective and emotional is so unfair and
    groundless that can't bear any critic. We simply don't want to see any positive
    thing in our neighbors, understand their problems. We try to interpret any
    fight, any incidents with the participations of drunken Armenians as our `national
    interests' according to which the policy of Georgian authorities is
    anti-Armenian. We try to use Javakq as a club against Georgia and cry about their
    anti-Armenian policy. And there is no conversation about relations with
    Azerbaijan in the remote future. But is there any difference between Russian
    chauvinist who kill an Armenian boy in the Metro and the Azerbaijani officer who kill
    the Armenian officer by ax? And compare what different replies we get about
    both cases.
    Our National Security Service replied to our anti0Georgian declarations and
    their authors were warned that it isn't permitted to feel animosity. What
    should our state do in case of Russian incidents?
    The state is obliged to defend its citizens and compatriots. Not only the
    union of the Armenians of Russia but the RA Embassy to RF should make an
    official declaration, and take some steps. But I don't call to fall into agiotage
    and take such steps as it is done in case of Georgia. And now, Anti-Russian. I
    try to condemn any hysteria but I don't understand why our country and
    community use double standards. Whether the geographic place of murder is
    important in this case.
    Are the Russian incidents Anti-Armenian or attitudes towards `Caucasian
    Tatars or Tajiks aren't Caucasian nations but encroachments are also used
    upon them. These are demonstrations of Russian chauvinism and fascism, which
    are addressed not only to the Caucasians but also to any nation.
    Anna Israelian