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Armenian version:

Stated His Holiness Aram I

"What has happened this morning in Kana, South Lebanon by Israel, is
outrages, inhuman and against the international law and conventions" said
His Holiness Aram I in a statement made to the international press. "I
simply don't understand how Israel describes as 'a technical error' the
shelling with his advanced and sophisticated war machine a building where
children, women, seek and disable people have taken refuge. All sorts of
justification or clarification provided by Israel are unacceptable in the
face of this human tragedy" said His Holiness.

Speaking about the Israeli attack on Lebanon of the last three weeks, Aram I
said: "Was it a 'technical error' the shelling by Israel the UN observer
post in South Lebanon, which took the lives of four UN observers? Was it 'a
technical error' the pounding of the civilian cars, ambulances, and trucks
carrying humanitarian aid to the refugees? Was it 'a technical error' the
destruction of roads, bridges, electricity supplying centers and
infrastructures? Was it 'a technical error' of bombarding buildings which
housed hundreds of families?"

Then His Holiness emphatically stated: "This war must stop. It must stop
immediately and without any condition. Innocent people are being killed,
families are being destroyed; Lebanon is on the brink of collapse and people
are still dealing with diplomacy. One cannot remain indifferent before human
slaughter. Life is sacred. It is a gift of God. We must protect human life
by all means. The UN and the powers of this world must act on this firm
basis. This is the realistic way of dealing responsibly with this complex
and critical situation. First protection of life and only then creation of
proper conditions for diplomacy and for the settlement of the conflict.
Therefore, I join my voice to that of the Spiritual Leaders, both Moslem and
Christian, of Lebanon, to appeal to the international community, for an
immediate cease-fire", said His Holiness.

In his concluding remarks Aram I said: "We pray for these innocent people,
the new martyrs of Lebanon. May God accept them in His heavenly Kingdom".

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