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Torosyan's "Burdenis Heavy"

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  • Torosyan's "Burdenis Heavy"


    [08:29 pm] 22 June, 2006


    NA Speaker Tigran Torosyan wants to resign from the post of the PACE RA
    delegation head as he thinks there are "certain problems the solution
    of which is connected with his stay in Armenia."

    Then he adds that "there is another matter of serious concern;"
    4 reports on Armenia will be heard in the PACE, starting from the
    NKR conflict and ending with the issue of our liabilities. "We must
    realize whom we appoint and who is to take that heavy burden on his
    shoulders." By the way, the head of the delegation is appointed by
    the NA Speaker that's to say by Tigran Torosyan.

    No question connected with Armenia will be discussed during the June
    session of PACE but as Torosyan claims "the Azerbaijanis will somehow
    connect the matters concerning them with Karabakh and Armenia." "It
    is their business, but we must be ready for everything," said NA
    Speaker Tigran Torosyan during his first press release. The issue
    of the Azeri liabilities will be discussed at the coming session in
    connection with the May parliamentary reelections. The session of
    Standing Committee on the Karabakh issue will be convened during the
    PACE June session during which Torosyan's suggestion to change the
    format of the committee will likely be affirmed and the committee
    members will be reduced as a result.


    "Turkey doesn't respect the principles professed by the country and
    on the bases of these principles the country wants to integrate into
    the European family completely," maintains NA Speaker. An excellent
    testify to it is yesterday's incident when eggs were thrown at the
    cars meeting the Catholicos of All Armenians in Istanbul.

    "The issue of religious freedom will be put on the agenda of the
    forthcoming PACE session and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
    Erdoghan is to make a speech. I wonder how he will comment on this
    situation. This action characterizes the Turks and has nothing to do
    with the supreme Patriarch of All Armenians."


    None of the RA NA deputies will be present at the seminar organized
    by Rose Road on "Russia- NATO; security issues in South Caucasus"
    in the scope of NATO which will be convened in Sochi on June 22 - 24.

    In Tigran Torosyan's words this is conditioned by Mher Shageldyan's
    resignation from the post of the RA delegation head in the NATO
    Parliamentary Assembly. At first NA Speaker learned about the
    resignation from the newspapers and then he got Mher Shageldyan's
    application. The latter informed through the media that his
    resignation is to certain extent determined by the fact that Tigran
    Torosyan hindered his visit to the USA in the framework of the NATO
    Parliamentary Assembly.

    Today Mr. Torosyan informed that he attaches greater importance to
    the Sochi seminar as it will refer to the Karabakh issue.