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Summer Adventures Of The Armenians In Strasbourg

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  • Summer Adventures Of The Armenians In Strasbourg

    Margaret Yesayan
    27 June 06

    The PACE summer session was opened in Strasbourg yesterday. The
    delegation of Armenia; Tigran Torosian /the head of delegation/,
    Stepan Demirchian, Artashes Geghamian, Armen Roustamian and Hermine
    Naghdalian is in Strasbourg since Sunday and participates in the
    works of the session.


    The member of the PACE sub commission of cultural heritage, PPA leader,
    the head of "Justice" bloc Stepan Demirchian raised again the questions
    of protection of New Jugha historical-cultural monuments. It has been
    decided since the PA previous session that the representatives of the
    commission must visit the region, to be introduced to the examples of
    vandalism on the spot but that visit was being constantly postponed
    for unknown reasons. It was assued during the sitting yesterday that
    the delegation would visit the region soon.

    Stepan Demirchian has informed that all necessary documents have
    been introduced, the members of the commission are informed enough,
    they must simply come and assure on the spot. One of the members of
    the commission has been interested from the delegate of Azerbaijan
    whether the security of delegation will be guaranteed in the territory
    of Karabakh. The Azerbaijani delegate, glancing at Stepan Demirchian
    has said; "Why do you ask me, ask Armenia." Stepan Demirchian promised;
    "I'm sure that the authorities of Karabakh will guaranteed for the
    security of everybody."


    The head of "National Unity" fraction Artashes Geghamian taking part
    in the sitting of the PA group of the European Christian-democratic
    and European people's parties round the work of Armenian delegation
    in PACE yesterday counterattacked the member of Azerbaijani delegation
    Mrs. Hajieva.

    Issues on the commissions of the Azerbaijani delegation have been
    discussed during the sitting, and Mrs. Hajieva has devoted the main
    time of her speech to Armenians, as it is usual and declared again
    about Â"occupied territoriesÂ".

    She has said that the Armenians are engaged in firing forests at the
    length of those "occupied" territories. She has declared that she
    has been informed about those fires by satellite connection. She has
    proposed the PACE to be engaged in prevention of these crisis and very
    serious fires. Artashes Geghamian has made his speech after her. First
    of all he has congratulated Azerbaijan for becoming a Â"cosmic stateÂ"
    taking into consideration the fact that they communicate thanks
    to satellite connection and then he thanked Mrs. Hajieva that she
    highly marks the Armenian science as she connects the high weather
    temperature with the Armenians. Â"While the Armenian department of
    state of emergency has rather realistic appraisal of fires, the reason
    of fires is the high temperature though in case of those hard weather
    conditions the Azerbaijani party doesn't stop bombing of it artillery
    addressed to the Armenian side though the document of mutual cease
    fire signed more than a decade ago."

    Artashes Geghamian counterattacked the Turkish delegates, too. The
    head of Turkish delegation Mr. Merchan has proposed to adopt a draft
    about violation of the rights of Muslims in the region during the
    discussion of the issue of the freedom of the speech and religious
    beliefs. In response to this proposal Artashes Geghamian has presented
    the violation used against the Catholicos of the whole Armenians
    in Istanbul.


    The NA chairman, the head of delegation Tigran Torosian passed us
    yesterday the following; Â"I can mention the matter of resignation
    of the commissions of Azerbaijan among the issues discussed in the
    sittings of the commissions. The Azerbaijanis produced 10 changes,
    from which the commission only proved two editorial changes." The
    Assembly has concluded that the major part in 14/80 resolutions
    hasn't been committed and it decided to return to this question in
    spring session in 2007 when the question of honoring commissions of
    Azerbaijan will be discussed. Tigran Torosian considered the point
    of fires as a usual Azerbaijan slander and the latters will try to
    activate on the last day of the session when there will be a special
    report about fires of forests in the agenda.

    As regards the "counterattacks" of our delegation Mr. Torosian said
    that those were simply usual disputes in political groups in the
    result of which no document or decision is made.