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  • For The Sake Of Armenia?

    Aram Zakaryan
    27 June 06

    The Dashnaktsutiun (Armenian Revolutionary Federation) faction
    has worked out a conception of dual nationality and offered for
    discussion. In the ARF they think that "dual nationality is a
    unilateral obligation of Armenia to make Armenia the spiritual
    homeland of all Armenians and foster repatriation." How is Armenia
    going to assume unilateral obligation to solve a problem, which
    refers to at least two countries. What if no other country adopts dual
    nationality? By the way, the world tends to reject dual nationality,
    restrict the rights of dual citizens. The representatives of the
    Armenian Revolutionary Federation admit this.

    In other words, the countries, which tasted dual nationality, did
    not like it very much. And the ARF conception does not explain why
    we are reluctant to learn from others' mistakes and experience and
    are trying to repeat the useless way the passed.

    The ARF suggest granting citizenship of Armenia to people who will
    offer proof of their Armenian origin. It is clear that there should be
    some agency, which will check the Armenian origin, and it is possible
    that some people will get a refusal. Hence, in countries with a large
    Armenian community groups if not crowds of people who have a grudge
    against Armenia will appear, which is not desirable with the currently
    complicated relations within the Armenian Diaspora and with Armenia.

    The ARF conception suggests that dual citizens must participate in the
    defense of the Republic of Armenia as set down in the law and pay taxes
    in the country where the source of their income and the most part of
    property is. In other words, in Armenia men under age 27 or 35 are
    drafted, and if one is not drafted without violating the law, they
    will have no problems. Now imagine a great number of Dashnaktsutiun
    members, who were born and lived abroad until age 27 or 35, become
    citizens of Armenia and buy less property than they have abroad and
    live on the income they earn abroad, they will have the same rights as
    each of us, who survived the cold and dark days of economic crisis,
    with a low income and quality of life, resulting from corruption and
    protectionism, potential victims of street shootings. They will have
    political rights as well, because although they know in the ARF that
    in countries with dual nationality eligibility stipulates a period of
    permanent residence in that country, they suggest in the conception,
    that "in conformity with the renewed Constitution of Armenia there is
    no restriction of the right to vote, therefore people who will get dual
    nationality in Armenia will fulfill their right to vote." The Armenian
    Revolutionary Federation suggests conducting universal elections in
    the territory of the Republic of Armenia only. We should agree that
    for a political party such as the ARF it is as easy for a dual citizen
    member of the ARF to arrive in homeland for a day as to piss.

    We learn from the conception of the ARF that in a globalizing world
    the countries are likely to introduce the notion of a world citizen.

    It should be noted, however, that this is not done through dual
    nationality. Again the ARF admits it. Only 54 out of 191 countries
    of the UN adopted dual nationality. Some of these countries allow
    only elements of dual nationality. Now everyone is going in for
    restrictions. Our strategic partner Russia does not allow a dual
    citizen to occupy high posts. Our key partner United States does not
    allow its citizens to become subjects of other another country. And
    if the globalizing world is establishing a "citizen of the world",
    it is achieved by opening borders, providing more opportunities and
    cooperation with neighbors. Here is a path where the ARF principle of
    genetic incompatibility is devoid of any sense and dual nationality
    desired by the ARF has a tertiary role. For instance, the European
    Union. First they created a common market and economy, provided new
    opportunities of economic development, only then they are trying to
    adopt EU citizenship. In addition, they are not in a hurry. It is
    not essential to welfare.