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Foreign Ministry Displays Inability

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  • Foreign Ministry Displays Inability

    27 June 06

    On June 27 the former foreign minister of Armenia Alexander Arzumanyan
    commented on the answer of official Yerevan to Mathew Bryza, the
    American co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, namely the statements of
    the press secretary of the president of Armenia and the Ministry
    of Foreign Affairs. According to him, the message of the foreign
    ministry of Armenia in answer to Bryza's statement is simply a display
    of inability.

    "So, what is said, Lachin was also discussed. Imagine a person is
    sentenced to death and says the verdict was not read till the end,
    it was not said that the bullet is made of gold," says Alexander
    Arzumanyan. According to him, this statement was an effort to dispel
    doubts, but it made them deeper, showing that the negotiations are
    for the security area of NKR. "In other words, unlike the victorious
    policy of not even a patch of land, today the pullout of troops from
    all the areas is discussed, which causes worries in both Armenia and
    Karabakh," says Alexander Arzumanyan. He stresses that the society
    in Karabakh is tense because the issue has not been settled, which
    also causes worries because this is a matter of security.

    Alexander Arzumanyan says it is not strange that Bryza revealed
    the details of the negotiations. "There has always been information
    leakage throughout the years of the negotiations. This time it happened
    publicly," says Alexander Arzumanyan. He notes that what was revealed
    became known to public in one way or another.

    "If we view Bryza's interview and statement in a couple of words,
    the message is that the presidents must have courage to explain it
    to their publics. Yes, it is possible that an effort is made to
    involve the public in a debate, which is a regular thing. If you
    can remember, the proposal of debate by Levon Ter-Petrosyan led to
    a change of power. Another proposal of debate is made now," says
    Alexander Arzumanyan. He is not saying this proposal of debate will
    lead to a change of power, but he is not denying it either.

    According to Alexander Arzumanyan, it would be perfect if the Karabakh
    issue did not become a subject of manipulation in home political
    processes in Karabakh. However, according to Alexander Arzumanyan,
    the government is responsible for this manipulation.

    "The government made Karabakh an instrument for its reproduction,
    therefore the other political forces are trying to manipulate the
    issue," thinks Alexander Arzumanyan. According to him, home political
    processes in Armenia and the Karabakh conflict are interdependent. The
    former foreign minister thinks that these two processes must be the
    continuation of each other, and the development of one should not harm
    the other. In the meantime, the government of Armenia has willfully
    replaced Karabakh in the talks, whereas the president of Karabakh does
    not seem to be related to this issue at all. "He does not even stay
    in Karabakh, he is constantly traveling to different countries. If
    you read Karabakh press, you will constantly come across the question
    where Arkady Ghukasyan is," says Alexander Arzumanyan. He believes
    that the talks will fail unless the situation changes soon. Therefore,
    Alexander Arzumanyan underlines the prevention of reproduction of
    power in both Armenia and Karabakh.