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BAKU: EU States Have Not Full Information Concerning Nagorno-Garabag

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  • BAKU: EU States Have Not Full Information Concerning Nagorno-Garabag


    Ïðaâî Âûaîða, Azerbaijan
    Democratic Azerbaijan
    June 29 2006

    EU prefers not to interest with conflicts Recently the Public
    Unity of Civilization & Research held the 'round table' entitled
    European security strategy and Azerbaijan. Chairman of the mentioned
    organization, Surkhay Latifov informed that the East- the East Project
    being realized within the framework of the Open Society Institute
    Programme will last three months. Within the framework of the programme
    the various arrangements and 'round tables' were held in Baku, Guba,
    etc. regions of Azerbaijan.

    According to him, the Project I is due to particularly the European
    neighborhood policy. It implies to inform about the European security

    Then the Director of the European Political Institute of Czech
    Republic, Devid Kraal spoke and said that the European security
    strategy under leadership of Havier Solona was set up in December
    2003. D. Kraal said that this strategy has a great importance,
    resulting in development of the common security strategy for Europe.

    At the same time, the document made close the European Union
    countries. The expert added that the Strategy protects the interests
    of the Member States of the European Union as well as secure other
    countries' security. According to D. Kraal, the Strategy aims at fight
    counterterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The document also
    recalls the regional conflicts subdivided into "cold" and "hot".

    For instance, the conflict between Israel and Palestine is called as
    "hot", but the conflicts existing in the Caucasus - "cold", including
    Abkhazia, Ossetia and Nagorno-Garabagh. As D. Kraal informed,
    the Strategy implies the ways of solution of these problems: "Such
    kind of conflicts can have a number of solutions. EU Member States
    consider that all countries should make efforts for prevention of
    such problems. Moreover, the conflicts are withdrawn very often in
    the states with strong government." As D. Kraal thinks, the majority
    of EU Member States have not detailed information concerning the
    Nagorno-Garabagh: "At the same time, EU prefers not to go into details
    of such conflicts, as the more important issue is economic affairs."

    Regarding the opinion of the Director of the Institute concerning the
    Nagorno-Garabagh conflict, he stated that he did not know this problem
    in detailed, that's why he was not ready to express his opinion on
    this occasion.

    --Boundary_(ID_Cj9nxIxJSTp7GQkbFHchvQ)- -

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress