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PACE Plenary Session in Strasbourg

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  • PACE Plenary Session in Strasbourg

    National Assembly of RA, Armenia
    June 30 2006

    PACE Plenary Session in Strasbourg

    On June 29 in parallel with PACE summer plenary session Tigran
    Torosyan, RA NA President, Head of Armenia's delegation in PACE met
    Rene van der Linden, PACE President. Mr. van der Linden congratulated
    the head of Armenia's delegation on the occasion of election in NA
    President post and wished productive work. He highlighted the fact of
    holding inter-parliamentary dialogue for deepening cooperation. PACE
    President also touched upon the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh
    conflict, noting that it will open new opportunities for the
    region. Give opportunities for education and progress to the youth.
    He attached great importance to the role of the parliaments in
    preparing the peoples of their countries for the settlement of the

    Tigran Torosyan, expressing his gratitude for the best wishes, noted
    that as a head of delegation he always felt PACE support and
    responsibility before PACE. He noted that as a result of
    constitutional amendments, the National Assembly has already made
    amendments to ten laws, the Electoral Code will be adopted in autumn
    session after the close work with the Venice Commission. The NA
    President noted that we should effectively make use of the short time
    till parliamentary and presidential elections. He expressed a hope
    that in January 2007 when the problem of using the constitutional
    amendments in Armenia would be discussed in PACE, it will be possible
    to say that the programme is mainly completed. The NA President
    highlighted the holding of 2007 parliamentary elections in conformity
    to international all standards. Mr. Torosyan also touched upon the
    relations with Azerbaijan and within that framework the tactics of
    Azerbaijan's delegation in PACE, when the time of the discussion of
    every issue is used to talk over Armenia-Azerbaijan relations not
    relating at all to the theme for introducing unfairly accusations. An
    impression is created that instead of discussing general problems the
    PACE tribune is used for accusing and defaming Armenia. As an example
    was brought the issue of the fires being speculated from the first
    day of PACE summer session. It was noted that still on June 15 the
    representatives of Nagorno Karabakh applied to the personal
    representative of PACE acting President to make examinations on spot,
    and three years ago there was a proposal to create a joint group to
    prevent fires, but the proposal was denied by the Azeris.

    Highlighting the issue Mr. Rene van der Linden noted that, of course,
    it's good that Karabakh has applied OSCE and we must wait for OSCE
    experts and the end of the mission and as a result of it decide, who
    are guilty.

    During the meeting other issues were also discussed.

    During the meeting of Tigran Torosyan, RA NA President, Head of
    Armenia's delegation in PACE and Milos Aligrudic, newly appointed
    head of the parliamentary delegation of Serbia in PACE problems of
    cooperation of the delegations of the two countries within the PACE
    framework. Mentioning with satisfaction the excellent cooperation
    till now, Mr. Torosyan noted that the cooperation at all levels in
    the Assembly during the discussions of the political groups,
    committees, plenary session can and must be continued. The issues of
    establishing inter-parliamentary ties between Armenia and Serbia, as
    well as formation of inter-party ties were also highlighted. Mr.
    Aligrudic, expressing satisfaction from the opportunity of two
    delegations' cooperation, expressed readiness for deepening
    inter-parliamentary and inter-party ties.

    During the discussion of the issue on the consequences of the
    referendum in Monetenegro at the plenary session Armen Roustamyan,
    member of Armenia's delegation gave a speech. He noted that the main
    conclusion of the referendum was the following: on the one hand it
    becomes obvious that in the modern world it's possible to adjust the
    combined, complicated problems with the obsolete schemes and try to
    solve with arbitrary methods. On the other hand, the necessity of
    creating conditions becomes more conscientious that if the people has
    the right of self-determination confirmed with international norms,
    be able to execute that right in conditions of democracy and peace.

    On June 30 PACE plenary session will resume its works.