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Nairobi: Inquiry told Arturs' travelled with fake documents

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  • Nairobi: Inquiry told Arturs' travelled with fake documents

    Capital FM, Kenya
    June 30 2006

    Inquiry told Arturs' travelled with fake documents
    By Bernard Momanyi
    & Robn Njogu

    It emerged today that the Artur `impostors' have been travelling on
    several occasions using a similar passport issued in United Socialist
    Soviet Republic which does not bear their real names and photographs.

    While testifying at the Kiruki-led commission Friday afternoon, the
    Assistant Principal Immigration Officer based at JKIA shocked the
    commission when he said that they never detected the anomaly until
    June 9th when the Armenians were deported.
    John Cheruiyot produced documents showing how the USSR passport
    bearing the name of Arthur Gevorkyan was used at several occasions by
    different individuals. He was led in his evidence by State Counsel
    Dorcas Oduor.
    CHERUIYOT: We didn't have this information at the time of deportation
    and someone brought the passport and said it belonged to Gevorkyan.
    And the issue hand here was to deport this people because of the
    threat they posed. After looking at these records, I realized that
    some thing went wrong somewhere.
    DORCAS: Something did what?
    CHERUIYOT: It appears they played a trick on us.
    DORCAS: They did what?
    CHERUIYOT: I think two might have been using the same passport.
    Cheruiyot further shocked the commission when he revealed that the
    Immigration department does not have any documents showing that the
    two Artur brothers were deported.
    DORCAS: Is that deportation captured in your system.
    CHERUIYOT: The deportation is not captured in our system.
    DORCAS: So for these two, if I go through your system would I see
    that they were deported on the 9th?
    CHERUIYOT: Our systems do not capture that.
    DORCAS: Did they fill any exit cards?
    CHERUIYOT: On deportation they are not required to fill.
    DORCAS: Where do you put the list of prohibited immigrants?
    CHERUIYOT: We put it in the system as well.
    DORCAS: So are they in that list:
    CHERUIYOT? They are in that list.
    More damning revelations emerged when Nairobi businessman Raju
    Sanghani revealed that he is the man who brought the controversial
    Armenian brothers to Kenya.

    Sanghani who appeared as the third witness at the commission today
    narrated how he invited the Artur brothers to Kenya after he was
    introduced to them by a friend when he visited Mumbai May last year.

    He was led in his evidence by his lawyer Jayant Rach.

    RAJU: I was introduced your honour to this two people, by the name of
    one Artur and one James.

    RACH: How were introduced to them?

    RAJU: That they are from a royal family back home in Armenia and that
    these are the people who do a lot of business and investment in so
    many other countries.

    Raju says he later invited them to the country where they stayed
    until June 9th when they were deported back to Dubai.

    While in Kenya, Raju says he introduced them to several investment
    opportunities and even sold them 3 Toyota Harries he had imported
    from Dubai.