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Galust Sahakyan: Matthew Bryza made no revelations

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  • Galust Sahakyan: Matthew Bryza made no revelations

    Galust Sahakyan: Matthew Bryza made no revelations
    30.06.2006 17:55

    `Matthew Bryza made no revelations, since every day in the course of
    the last two month the press was writing about the negotiations
    process,' Head of the Republican faction Galust Sahakyan declared.

    Head of the Republican faction is confident that the Armenian side did
    not agree to anything, and the leakage pursued one aim ` to check the
    dispositions of the societies of the twp countries.

    The meeting of the Republican Party scheduled July 22 is
    extraordinary, but not an emergency one. According to the Republican,
    the confusion around the meeting is a result of the heat in Yerevan
    and the snoozing internal political life.

    Turning to the extraordinary meeting of the Republican Party, Galust
    Sahakyan said, `Serge Sargsyan should decide himself whether he will
    become Co-President of the Party of not.'

    In response to the question how the other political forces will take
    Serge Sargsyan's joining the Republican Party, Mr. Sahakyan said,
    `They take it normally. I'd like to note, however, that the Republican
    Party has never put an aim to conquer the whole field.'

    In a interview to `Haykakan Zhamanak' newspaper, independent Deputy
    Manuk Gasparyan resolutely asserted that after Serge Sargsyan joins
    the Republican Party, Andranik Margaryan will resign because of
    unsatisfactory health condition, and Serge Sargsayn will replace him
    as Prime Minister. The Republicans do not take such scenarios
    seriously. `We do not even discuss it, it has been six years that they
    are speaking about Andranik Margaryan's resignation. At last everyone
    ` the politicians and the society ` should understand that Andranik
    Margaryan is an important factor.

    Predicting which political forces will be represented in the National
    Assembly of the fourth convocation, Galust Sahakyan expressed the
    opinion that the status quo will be maintained. However, if one or two
    of the new parties manage to lead a clever election campaign, the
    number of the factions may increase with one.

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress