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MPs Seek Release Of Ter-Petrosian Supporters

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  • MPs Seek Release Of Ter-Petrosian Supporters

    By Astghik Bedevian

    Radio Liberty, Czech Republic
    Jan 31 2008

    Three pro-government members of Armenia's parliament were on Thursday
    reportedly trying to secure the release of four supporters of Levon
    Ter-Petrosian arrested for assaulting a man who heckled the former
    president during a campaign rally.

    The arrested men are opposition activists residing in the central town
    of Talin where Ter-Petrosian and his allies rallied hundreds of people
    on Sunday. The local police detained them on Tuesday on suspicion of
    throwing punches at a local man who shouted at the opposition candidate
    during the gathering that "the people of Talin are not with you."

    The detainees' lawyer, Hovik Arsenian, told RFE/RL that he thinks
    his clients will be formally charged with "hooliganism" on Friday
    and face the possibility of spending up to five years in prison. The
    police launched the criminal investigation into the incident Monday
    under another article of the Criminal Code that carries much softer

    The Ter-Petrosian campaign has described the incident as a government
    "provocation" and demanded the immediate release of its local
    loyalists. The latter issued a joint statement from police custody
    on Thursday, saying that Talin resident Sarkis Karapetian was only
    "led away from the site of the meeting" by people furious with his
    "disrespectful remarks."

    Karapetian, meanwhile, held a news conference in Yerevan to defend the
    prosecution of his alleged assailants. Karapetian, who is a staunch
    government supporter, also denied allegations by the Ter-Petrosian
    campaign he was paid by the authorities to disrupt the rally. "I am
    not a provocateur and didn't plan to do that," he said.

    "It was a spontaneous action."

    Two parliament deputies affiliated with the opposition Zharangutyun
    party visited the detainees on Wednesday and tried unsuccessfully
    to have them set free. Three other lawmakers loyal to the government
    visited Talin for the same purpose on Thursday.

    Like Karapetian and the detained activists, they are veterans of
    the war in Nagorno-Karabakh. Two of them, Sasun Mikaelian and Hakob
    Hakobian, are affiliated with the parliament faction of Prime Minister
    Serzh Sarkisian's Republican Party of Armenia (HHK).

    Mikaelian and the third parliamentarian, Rustam Gasparian, are also
    leading members of the influential Yerkrapah Union of Karabakh war

    They were meeting with local Yerkrapah leaders behind the closed
    doors as of late evening. The local Ter-Petrosian campaign chief,
    Hayk Atanesian, told RFE/RL that they are discussing ways of ensuring
    the oppositionists' release.

    Mikaelian made a point of warmly welcoming Ter-Petrosian last week
    during the latter's campaign trip to his constituency in the central
    Kotayk region.

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress