Noyan Tapan
Jan 31, 2008

YEREVAN, JANUARY 31, NOYAN TAPAN. In the 2008 presidential elections
the election campaigns of Serge Sargsian and Levon Ter-Petrosian
proceed on the ideological plane. Vahan Dilanian, the Chairman of the
Research Center for Civil Developments, expressed such an opinion at
the January 30 press conference. In his opinion, L. Ter-Petrosian's
ideology is close to the liberal-democratic system of values and that
of Serge Sargsian to Nzhdeh's teaching.

V. Dilanian said that Levon Ter-Petrosian's return called forth
an opinion in society that the "western factor" is involved in
it. However, according to the analyst, a question emerges, how much
realistic is the willingness of the United States to repeat a "colored
revolution" in Armenia, as countries having done a "colored revolution"
did not justify themselves, an instable situation was formed there. The
interest of the United States in S. Sargsian and in Armenia in general
is also questioned, as Russia's domination is noticed in Armenia.

According to V. Dilanian, both candidates keep to their old views
in the issue of foreign policy. In particular, L. Ter-Petrosian
does not consider the issue of the Armenian Genocide a priority of
foreign policy. And lately S. Sargsian has said in his interview to
the Los Angeles Times newspaper that the adoption of the resolution on
Genocide by U.S. Congress is rather a national than a foreign political
issue. "In fact, a contradiction is noticed in S. Sargsian's foreign
political position," he said.

In V. Dilanian's words, migration continues under both the former and
the current authorities. If its current rates preserve, soon from a
social threat it will become a military-political threat.