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In Difference To Foreigners, RA Citizens Adopt Only Healthy Children

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  • In Difference To Foreigners, RA Citizens Adopt Only Healthy Children


    Noyan Tapan
    April 30, 2008

    YEREVAN, APRIL 30, NOYAN TAPAN. 225 children being RA citizens were
    adopted by foreign citizens in the last three years. Gevorg Danielian,
    the RA Minister of Justice, said in his interview to journalists
    on April 29 that foreign citizens prefer adopting ill or gravely
    ill children, in difference to Armenians, who adopt only healthy
    children. G. Danielian said that most of ill children are cured and
    recover abroad, thanks to their new parents.

    Nearly 50% foreign couples adopting children are Armenians by
    nationality, in case of nearly 20% either the wife or the husband is
    Armenian, and 30% are people of other nationalities.

    G. Danielian also said that the most important problem related to
    child adoption by foreigners is clarification of conditions and
    order regulating the process. According to the Minister, in 2000,
    when a republican commission on issues of adoption was created, the
    government decided that if necessary, the commission was empowered
    to demand guarantees from foreign citizens adopting children, which
    can be provided by the Armenian Apostolic Church or people Armenian
    by nationality, who know the people adopting the child. And today
    introducing a guarantee is a compulsory condition.

    The second important problem, according to G. Danielian, is control
    over the condition of children already adopted. "On April 21,
    2005 the government adopted decision N 623, which instructed
    all consular institutions and diplomatic representations once
    a year to receive information from foreign citizens, who have
    adopted a child," the Minister said. However, according to him,
    that decision could not completely serve its purpose, as the issue
    regarded international relations, and no country has a right with its
    intra-state sublegislative act to oblige a citizen of another country,
    especially its authorized bodies, to provide information about the
    condition of adopted children. That issue, as G. Danielian mentioned,
    still needs regulation.