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"If They Have Pride, They Will Resign"

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  • "If They Have Pride, They Will Resign"


    [06:57 pm] 20 November, 2008

    The RA committee on defense of political prisoners and the persecuted
    joined the 24 political prisoners who had declared a hunger strike
    today in jailhouses and the eight members of the committee will
    participate during work hours.

    For example, Vardan Harutyunyan and Karapet Rubinyan participated
    today in the demonstration in front of the Government building and
    believe that it is not worth sitting somewhere and declaring a hunger
    strike when the authorities don't even pay attention to that.

    They are expressing their protest with hunger strikes for the cases
    that have ended, investigations and trials.

    "All of the verdicts reached, including the verdicts of the
    Kentron-Nork Nork communities' general jurisdiction courts for the
    case of Smbat Ayvazyan, are all just papers that are unjust. They
    will perish in the course of time and be ridiculed," said Vardan
    Harutyunyan. He remarked that the committee did not declare the
    hunger strike.

    "We are simply joining them and support the demonstrations of our
    friends in jail."

    Harutyunyan believes that hunger strikes are not a just way for
    struggle in Armenia.

    "Hunger strikes are just a way to express protest. We don't think
    that the authorities will resign by seeing us starve."

    Karapet Rubinyan tends to differ. According to him, the authorities
    may resign even in the result of the hunger strike, but under one
    condition: if they have the pride in them to resign.

    Taking into account the fact that the existing authorities neglect
    the political prisoners and the demonstrations organized by their
    supporters, including the hunger strike, Karapet Rubinyan is of the
    opinion that a hunger strike had to be declared in any case.

    Member of the RA committee on political prisoners and the persecuted,
    commander of the Shushi separate squadron Jirair Sefilyan joined the
    hunger strike in his office and is getting ready for the protest
    scheduled for tomorrow near the Foreign Affairs Ministry building
    for the Karabakh conflict.

    He joined the political prisoners' hunger strike just for support
    and assures that nothing will be solved with a hunger strike.

    Sefilyan has no hope in the international community. "It makes no
    sense to send documents to international organizations because they
    have never done nor will do anything good for us."

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress