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Armenian and Azerbaijani Media Reported More Widely on their Relns

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  • Armenian and Azerbaijani Media Reported More Widely on their Relns

    Armenian and Azerbaijani Media Reported More Widely on their
    Countries' Relations in 2009
    14:06 - 30.01.10

    Armenia-Azerbaijan relations were more widely reported by the media in
    2009 than in 2008. This came about as a result of a recent survey of
    Yerevan and Baku press clubs supported by the Eurasia Foundation and
    Great Britain's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Four print publications and four TV stations from Armenia and
    Azerbaijan were monitored as a part of the study called
    `Armenia-Turkey Relations in Armenian and Azerbaijani Mass Media.'

    If in Armenia in 2008, between the months of September-November, there
    were 8 articles published and 1 TV program aired on the subject of
    `Armenia-Azerbaijan Relations Without a Direct Connection to the
    Nagorno-Karabakh Issue,' well then in 2009, there were 103 articles
    and 39 TV programs on the same subject - and this, only in the month
    of October.

    In Azerbaijan, the picture is as follows: In 2008, from
    September-November, there were 36 articles and 15 programs aired on
    the same subject, while in 2009, there were 77 articles and 30
    programs; again, just in the month of October.

    On the subject of the `Issue of the Settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh
    Conflict and Armenia's Position in it,' there were 725 articles and
    521 programs in Armenia between the months of September and November
    in 2008. While only in October of 2009, there were 497 articles and
    284 TV broadcasts on the subject.

    While in Azerbaijan, there were 705 articles and 779 programs on the
    subject of the `Issue of the Settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh
    Conflict and Azerbaijan's Position in it,' for the same period
    (September-November 2008). In October 2009, the study registered 640
    articles and 542 TV programs on the same subject - much more than in

    Speaking with, Yerevan Press Club Director Boris Navasardyan
    said that the fact that publicity on Armenia-Azerbaijan relations has
    increased is, first and foremost, connected with Armenia-Turkey

    `Generally, the negotiations on Armenian-Turkish relations and the
    signed Protocols forced [us] to look more deeply into the future of
    Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, and to tie those not only with the
    Nagorno-Karabakh issue, but also with larger processes, which are
    taking place in our region,' said Navasardyan.

    Baku Press Club Director Arif Aliyev, in speaking with,
    noticed that the big interest in Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, as well
    as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, in recent years is characteristic of
    Armenian, as well as Azerbaijani, media.

    `However, 2009 was, without a doubt, a record-breaking year. In the
    first place, of course, the launch of Armenia-Turkey relations have
    influenced that; in particular, the signing of the Protocols, as well
    as the possible influence of those Protocols on the settlement of the
    Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,' he said.

    According to Aliyev, the monitoring study's main purpose was to reveal
    how reliably media portray all that which is happening in neighbouring

    `That also aims to clarify what type of image we, as journalists, are
    creating about neighbouring countries, what stereotypes are we
    creating for the public about the `other,' since those, even if they
    don't directly influence the negotiating process, can harm the entire
    environment,' concluded Aliyev.