ARM Minister of Defence: `The commanders of all the sections of our AF
are not coward and retreating people'

29.01.2011 | 16:42 | | Noyan Tapan | Politics

YEREVAN, JANUARY 29, NOYAN TAPAN. Today ARM Minister of Defence Seyran
Ohanyan received the military attachés who are accredited in the
Republic of Armenia. The Minister introduced the 2011 primary issues
of the Ministry of Defence approved by the ARM Government. He also
talked about the present defence policy, defence reforms, and answered
their questions.

Talking about the constant warlike announcements of Azerbaijan in the
negotiation process of Karabakh conflict, Seyran Ohanyan particularly
stated, `Azerbaijan is threatening, saying let's solve the problem
quickly, otherwise I will start a war. We treat the issue as follows:
let us negotiate, in order to solve the problem without a war. You can
come and meet the commanders of all the sections of our AF - they are
not coward and retreating people'. Mr. Ohanyan also told the foreign
attachés that while realizing military cooperation with partner
countries Armenia does not sow enmity towards those neighbors, who can
endanger the balanced regional policy of the partner states.

According to the ARM MoD Department of Information and Public Affairs,
the foreign attachés and military representatives participating in the
meeting congratulated ARM Defence Minister on the Army Day and thanked
him for the reception.

From: A. Papazian