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Will they look into Serzh Sargsyan's eyes?

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  • Will they look into Serzh Sargsyan's eyes?

    Will they look into Serzh Sargsyan's eyes?

    07:20 pm | June 17, 2011 | Politics

    Political scientist Levon Shirinyan says Serzh Sargsyan and Ilham
    Aliyev will be presented with an agreement on the Nagorno-Karabakh
    conflict resolution in Kazan, but is rest assured that neither will
    sign it.

    "If the resolution states territorial integrity, that doesn't favor
    Armenia. If it will be a document on principles, I don't think Serzh
    Sargsyan will sign," Mr. Shirinyan told "A1+".
    The political scientist views the presentation of a document from the
    psychological angle. "They can present the document to check the
    sides' reactions, even by looking into their eyes."
    As for Azerbaijan's recent belligerent declarations claiming that the
    process must be accelerated, the political scientist said:

    "I don't believe either side. The Armenian authorities say Armenia
    will sign, if Azerbaijan signs. However, Azerbaijan will only sign
    under a document that is not in the interests of Armenia or Artsakh,
    and Armenia won't sign that document. So, nothing will work out."

    The political scientist sees the enlargement of clear-cut,
    well-organized war propaganda. "There is pressure from the
    international community on both sides.
    Levon Shirinyan says Armenia's situation is absurd. "An army that won
    the war is speaking as one that is defending itself. This signifies a
    psychological defeat and is very dangerous."

    The political scientists says what Armenia needs to do now is to
    present the essence of the NK conflict correctly. "This is a conflict
    between the Republic of Artsakh and the Turkish state of Azerbaijan,
    and that conflict has been solved from the military angle. What we
    need to do is formulate."

    Shirinyan considers the view that conflicts are not resolved without
    mutual concessions absurd, including in the case of the NK conflict.

    "This is a manifestation of the Armenian-Turkish conflict where there
    are no concessions, particularly on the part of Turkey. Throughout the
    past 200 years, especially after the genocide, the Turks have not made
    any concession and there cannot be any discussion on the return of our
    lost lands. Who has given land without a war? This is a national
    liberation struggle, a sacred act. We must work together and show the
    world that the right to territorial integrity may not be above the
    right of nations to self-determination. The right of nations to
    self-determination is a much higher value; otherwise, the United
    States would remain a colony of England to this day and there wouldn't
    be any French Revolution. It is inadmissible to speak about returning
    a piece of land."

    The political scientist emphasized that Azerbaijani snipers take the
    lives of Armenian soldiers before each meeting of the presidents and
    Armenian snipers should give an adequate response to their opponents.