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Fairytale Or Serious Message?: Armenian Political Circles Assess Pre

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  • Fairytale Or Serious Message?: Armenian Political Circles Assess Pre

    Gayane Abrahamyan


    Some opposition political circles in Armenia describe President Serzh
    Sargsyan's Wednesday speech at the Council of Europe Parliamentary
    Assembly (PACE) as a "beautiful fairy-tale that has little to do with
    the country's reality." But the main opposition alliance has been in
    no rush to provide its assessment.

    Representatives of the ruling coalition parties have welcomed
    Sargsyan's speech, in which the president addressed Armenia's
    democratic processes and the country's stance on foreign affairs.

    (Read the president's full speech here:

    They stress that it constituted a serious message to the international
    community that Armenia is a state "moving along the path of democracy,
    trying to overcome its internal difficulties and showing a constructive
    approach in solving major external problems."

    Meanwhile, for some parts and separate figures on the opposition
    side of the political fence the speech seemed to be "about nothing,
    unconvincing and of a declarative nature."

    "A speech that seems smart, but says nothing and solves nothing,"
    commented ex-prime minister Hrant Bagratyan, who currently is a key
    member of the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC).

    "On the other hand, such a speech became possible due to the ANC,
    which, meeting the government half-way, so to say extending it a loan
    at the expense of its own rating, is still awaiting a proper answer,"
    the oppositionist told ArmeniaNow.

    The ANC as a whole, however, still keeps silent and avoids any
    assessments of Sargsyan's speech.

    "We still do not want to say anything, nor do I want to explain the
    reasons for refusing to comment," ANC coordinator Levon Zurabyan
    told ArmeniaNow.

    Meanwhile, Giro Manoyan, Director of the International Secretariat
    of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau in Yerevan, thinks
    that the main emphases of the president's speech in Strasbourg were
    adequate to the particular audience.

    "The president's explanations regarding the Armenia-Turkey negotiations
    were appropriate, but still it would have been more correct if the
    president had taken advantage of the opportunity and stated that
    in response to Turkey's improper attitude the Republic of Armenia
    recalls its signature from the Armenia-Turkey protocols," Manoyan
    told ArmeniaNow.

    However, President Sargsyan's speech has angered some of the parents
    of those who were killed in the 2008 post-election clashes.

    In response to a question from the Strasbourg body's member as to
    why three and a half years after the events, the investigation into
    those deaths has not been finished yet, Sargsyan, in particular, said:
    "The investigation has not been finished for the simple reason that
    not all of those responsible have been found."

    Sargis Kloyan, the father of 29-year-old Gor Kloyan who was killed
    on March 1, 2008, told ArmeniaNow that the president's answer was an
    "outrageous lie".

    "Why did he go to the PACE and was making false statements from the
    tribune there? If he doesn't know who is responsible, let him invite
    me to his residence and I will name all - both those who killed and
    those who ordered the killings. They know very well who the murderers
    are," claimed Kloyan.

    Investigators conducting the probe, meanwhile, have repeatedly
    suggested that for the time being they lack clear evidence that would
    lead to the identification of those responsible for the killings or
    prove there had been clear orders to shoot.