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Illegal Blockade Of Armenia Should Be Stopped

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  • Illegal Blockade Of Armenia Should Be Stopped


    The collapse of the Berlin Wall heralded the elimination of dividing
    lines in Europe. Unfortunately, twenty years later, our region is
    still waiting for its dividing lines to be eliminated. Said president
    of Armenia Serzj Sargsyan on his speech at PACE.

    Two years ago, we initiated a process of normalization between Armenia
    and Turkey, which would have allowed, through the establishment of
    diplomatic relations and opening of the border, to gradually overcome
    the divide that had existed for almost a century. I would like to note
    that, throughout the process, we greatly appreciated the inspiration
    and permanent support of not only the mediator states, but also
    the international community more broadly, including various senior
    officials of the Council of Europe. Unfortunately, in spite of this
    support, Armenia-Turkey normalization process ended up in a deadlock.

    The sole reason was that Turkey reverted to its practice of setting
    preconditions, and failing to honor its commitments, which rendered
    the ratification of the signed protocols impossible. Having faced the
    wall of disappointment and mistrust, I cannot predict when the window
    of opportunity will reopen. I regret to say so, but it is the reality.

    It is important to emphasize that Armenia initiated the process
    with good intentions, true to the 21st-century imperative of peaceful
    coexistence of nations and peoples, all on the backdrop of Turkey still
    not only failing to recognize, but also engaging in a policy of blunt
    denial of the Genocide of Armenians committed in the Ottoman Empire
    in 1915. Meanwhile, Armenians worldwide are expecting an adequate
    response. Our tireless efforts, and hopefully also the efforts of
    those concerned about crimes against humanity, will henceforth remain
    focused on the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    However, we are determined not to leave this problem unsolved for
    generations to come. The normalization of relations between Armenia
    and Turkey is important not only for Armenians and Turks, but also
    for the whole region, I believe even for the whole of Europe in terms
    of creating an atmosphere of peace, stability, and cooperation. The
    unlawful blockade of Armenia must come to an end.