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BAKU: Baku Lobbies Islamic Conference Support For UN Security Counci

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  • BAKU: Baku Lobbies Islamic Conference Support For UN Security Counci

    June 28, 2011

    Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov delivered a speech in
    the OIC Foreign Ministerial Council's 38th session.

    Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that the
    minister said that this year was specific because of substantial
    political processes and dramatic events all over the world:

    'The current situation in a number of the OIC Member States, which
    faces numerous risks and challenges, remains a source of deep concern
    to us. Particularly, we are deeply concern over the recent political
    tensions in some of brotherly Arab countries but we do believe that
    Arab Nations have enough political will and wisdom to overcome all
    these challenges. We also believe in the importance of discussions
    about all these developments within the OIC format, including the
    highest one. We should not be shy enough to address these challenges
    and to have more frequent meetings'.

    The minister said that Azerbaijan remained concerned over situation
    in Palestine: 'Azerbaijan reiterates its support to brotherly
    people of Palestine and their efforts to achieve peace, stability,
    and establishment of a sovereign and independent Palestinian state,
    with Al-Quds as its capital. We highly value the work of the OIC
    Secretary General and his staff to consolidate our Organization in
    providing much needed assistance to population in Palestine.

    I would like to express our support to the initiatives taken in moving
    forward the resolution of Kashmir dispute, and to express our concern
    with the continuing unjust isolation of Turkish Cypriots. Azerbaijan
    also supports the efforts undertaken by the Governments of Iraq,
    Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and other OIC Member States to restore
    peace, security and stability in these countries'.

    Mammadyarov also expressed regret that Islamophobia which is
    regretfully on the rise in a number of countries around the world
    has inflicted heavy emotional and psychological cost on millions
    of Muslims:

    'Serious instances of intolerance, discrimination, and attacks against
    Islam in some countries in recent years confirm the need to combat
    defamation of religions and incitement to religious hatred. The
    defamation of a religion under the guise of freedom of expression
    is a new and contemporary form of discrimination and intolerance. As
    civilized societies, we must exercise our freedom with care and within
    the parameters of internationally accepted norms. We strongly support
    the OIC's efforts aimed at exploring the possibility of evolving
    a binding international framework to prevent the defamation of all

    I would also like to express once again Azerbaijan's sincere gratitude
    to the Islamic Ummah and the OIC Secretary General for their vigorous
    support to the just cause of Azerbaijan in the ongoing armed conflict
    with Armenia as a result of which almost twenty percent of Azerbaijan's
    territory still remains under occupation by Armenia.

    Presumably one million Azerbaijanis have been ethnically cleansed
    from their native lands, and thousands of Azerbaijani cultural and
    historical monuments, including of Islamic heritage were devastated
    and looted.

    The Government of Azerbaijan remains committed to the peaceful
    settlement of this protracted conflict based on the respect for
    the norms and principles of international law, implementation of the
    relevant UN Security Council and OIC resolutions as well as appropriate
    documents and decisions adopted by the Organization for Security and
    Cooperation in Europe, Council of Europe and European Parliament'.

    Mammadyarov noted that all these documents unanimously supported
    territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, contains a strong call on Armenia
    to withdraw its troops from the occupied lands of my country and
    return of refugees and IDP's to the places of their origin:

    "Azerbaijan has nominated its candidacy for a non-permanent
    membership of the UN Security Council, for the term of 2012-2013,
    at the elections to be held in 2011 at the 66th session of the UN
    General Assembly. Stemming from the importance of representing the
    Islamic World in the Security Council we count on constant support
    by the Member States to the candidacy of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is
    the only country among the candidates to the UNSC from the Group of
    Eastern European States that is not a member of the European Union
    and does not belong to any political or military alliance.

    We are full-fledged member of the Non-Aligned Movement and pursuing
    an independent foreign policy with strong commitment to goals and
    principles of the UN Charter. I have the honor to ask my dear brothers
    and colleagues to extend their support to the candidature of Azerbaijan
    at the elections to be held this October in New York during the UNGA
    session and provide appropriate instructions to their distinguished
    Ambassadors to the United Nations".

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress