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Arabo: Legendary Squad Commander Remembers Missing Comrades-In-Arms

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  • Arabo: Legendary Squad Commander Remembers Missing Comrades-In-Arms

    By Siranuysh Gevorgyan

    29.06.11 | 14:29

    Ruben Hovhannisyan, Anahit Martirosyan, Manvel Yeghiazaryan (left
    to right)

    At a press conference on June 29, the day that in Armenia commemorates
    the Karabakh war soldiers missing in action, commander of the renowned
    Arabo detachment Manvel Yeghiazaryan asserted that the search for
    the 400 people who are presumed missing from the Armenian side is of
    a formal nature and produces no results.

    The Arabo detachment that was part of the famous Artsiv (Eagle)
    military unit is also known for the fact that on June 27, 1992, its
    and other detachments' 79 members who had found themselves encircled
    by Azeri forces went missing in battles near the village of Hasan
    Ghaya in Karabakh (the village today is in the neutral zone).

    In May 2008 a video footage appeared on the internet showing the faces
    of soldiers killed in one of those battles. Yeghiazaryan confirms
    that among those killed were also his comrades-in-arms. There is also
    information that Azeris bulldozed the ground where the bodies of
    killed Armenian soldiers were. The day after that Arabo detachment
    members managed to recover three of the killed, then they had to
    retreat. The bodies of those not found have not been handed over to
    their families till today.

    "I have information that the authorities, the Defense Ministry have
    been doing everything possible to bring the bodies of the killed
    soldiers to Armenia, but Azerbaijan wouldn't even agree to hand over
    the dead bodies," said Yeghiazaryan.

    "These guys sacrificed their lives, but they haven't been given
    even a medal. There are people who attach medals to their backs,
    because there is no more room left on their chests, but these guys
    until today haven't been given even a medal of Artsakh," complains
    another member of the detachment, Ruben Hovhannisyan.

    In an interview with ArmeniaNow Hovhannisyan expressed an opinion
    that what had happened to members of the Arabr detachment was the
    result of treason, because, he said, the Azeris who had encircled
    the soldiers knew that members of the legendary squad would be there.

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress