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Three Presidents Prolonged Status Quo

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  • Three Presidents Prolonged Status Quo


    Presidents of Minsk group co-chair countries Barack Obama, Francois
    Hollande and Vladimir Putin issued a statement on Nagorno Karabakh
    issue settlement on June 18 in Northern Ireland during G8 Summit.

    The statement of the three presidents does not contain anything new.

    It should be viewed as an urge to hold a meeting of the presidents of
    Armenia and Azerbaijan. The co-chairing presidents just reiterated the
    existence of the status quo, and there seems to be an agreement not to
    take any steps that will bring about changes in the current situation.

    The presidents' statement is interesting in terms of the lack in
    it of any hint on the possibility to have new details or ideas in
    the settlement process. This means that the presidents think it is
    meaningless to load the parties to the conflict with new proposals
    since they understand that the conflict does not have the balanced
    resolution about which they are speaking.

    The current developments in the region produce a contradictory
    impression. On the one hand, Turkey is unsteady, while the West and
    Russia have tougher positions on the Syrian issue, on the other hand,
    a reform-minded cleric is elected in Iran.

    Anyway, the Caucasus is not insured from a force majeure and the
    statement of the presidents is evidence to lack of a common resolution
    on the Karabakh issue. At least, they have assured that there will
    be no sharp moves. For the time being.

    10:33 19/06/2013 Story from News: