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Seven Deadly Sins For Criminal Oligarchy

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  • Seven Deadly Sins For Criminal Oligarchy


    Ruben Vardanyan, a Russia-based Armenian businessman, has set
    up a charitable foundation in Armenia and declared the seven
    principles underlying charity: a long-term vision and plan spanning
    several decades; scale and symbolic importance; collegiality and
    internationality; multiplier effect (infrastructure, social, cultural);
    local community involvement; gradual operational self-sufficiency;
    meeting high international standards and creating a new benchmark

    These principles have the adverse reflection in the activities of
    the Armenia-based capital. The criminal and oligarchic system will
    perceive the principles declared by Ruben Vardanyan as sins.

    These principles are not only alien but also dangerous for the
    Armenian criminal and oligarchic capital. These principles can change
    the culture of charity and have a multiplier effect of changing public
    consciousness, mentality and self-esteem. The seven principles declared
    by Vardanyan will retrieve the society from the status of a beggar,
    the psychology of a beggar will be replaced by participation and a
    sense of ownership.

    This effect will take years but we must start with something to
    produce this effect.

    In a recent interview with the Dozhd TV channel Ruben Vardanyan
    described governance of Armenia as one based on clans.

    Investments and charity strike the clans and governance of clans
    because such governance is possible when there is legitimacy. The
    consciousness and mentality of the majority legitimized the clan-based

    The clans have divided among themselves not only economic quotas but
    also charity. Each of them has their beneficiaries. The beneficiaries
    hardly ever mix or they mix in an environment of squabbles among clans.

    Clan-based governance determines the nature of charity. It does not
    plan for long terms, does not go for competition, international scope.

    Charity is spontaneous actions without systemic and institutional

    The seven principles declared by Ruben Vardanyan will be deadly
    sins to the criminal and oligarchic clans though it should not be
    ruled out that one of them will perceive the seven principles as an
    opportunity to repent before the society, invest their capital in
    public development and thereby seek for protection and development of
    their capital. So far the criminal oligarchy has enjoyed its success
    without the population. In addition, it built its success on public

    Meanwhile, the society is changing not only in the world but all over
    the world, putting forth new claims to elites. Changes in the world
    are inevitable and unstoppable. The problem is speed. Unfortunately
    for the criminal and oligarchic groups Armenia has a little more
    importance on the world map than the oligarchy thinks.

    Hakob Badalyan 17:32 24/06/2013 Story from News: