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Serzh Sargsyan Decided To Keep Silence

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  • Serzh Sargsyan Decided To Keep Silence


    The feeling is that Serzh Sargsyan is looking for an excuse to be
    away from the country until autumn. He was on holiday over the past
    ten days. Having been back from Vienna, he is leaving today for Poland.

    Serzh Sargsyan's silence starts being suspicious. It was expected that,
    once back from Vienna, he would call a Republican Executive Committee
    meeting after which Eduard Sharmazanov would either announce about
    Tigran Sargsyan's resignation or he would say that Serzh Sargsyan
    had personally registered his offshore assets.

    However, judging from his television appearances, Sharmazanov's task
    is to deal with the "alternative", and now he is actively convincing
    that they built the power together, so they are guilty together.

    Serzh Sargsyan has left for Poland and we do not know yet where he
    will go from there. Perhaps, he will take a leave and fly to the
    United States to mark time. The number one task for the Armenian
    leadership is to mark time until autumn.

    Only the secretary of Russian Security Council has been able to have
    a meeting with Serzh Sargsyan in Yerevan during the weekend. Perhaps,
    it is impossible to hide from him. Moreover, the issue of enhancing
    security at the Armenian borders was discussed.

    It is not known why this issue required such an urgent discussion but
    we can presume that the European partners of Armenia demand revising
    the agreement between Armenia and Russia on border control. If Armenia
    intends to sign the Association Agreement with the EU and to set up
    a free trade area, its borders cannot be defended by the troops of
    a third country which has tense relations with the EU.

    These two months will probably be the most challenging months of Serzh
    Sargsyan's tenure. He may choose silence without uttering a word about
    Tigran Sargsyan or the Control Chamber revelations but he cannot avoid
    two main tasks - reduction of dependence on Russia and prevention of
    change of government in Armenia because of the Kremlin. Moreover,
    internal vicissitudes in Armenia are the derivatives of these two

    Naira Hayrumyan 12:42 24/06/2013 Story from News: