New approaches to new phase

June 28 2013

The political phase (cycle) completed, the political season of this
year ends too, and it is likely that any major event will not take
place until September. It's the time to summarize the results, and now
let's try to just list the main political players. There is no need to
speak more about the party in power, for more than 20 years, the group
of corrupted officials is ruling in Armenia, which regularly changes
its name. Of all subjects of the opposition party let us first of all
mention the ANC as a team of supporters who implicitly accepts Levon
Ter-Petrosyan's authority and considers all his words absolutely true
both now and in the past. In addition to being a unified team, the ANC
also has the advantage that it is cooperating with the PAP and uses
the its material and information resources. There are also figures in
the same opposition that have left ANC for various reasons who as
individuals are often more interesting than the ANC party, but in all
cases they are manifested as individuals, so far there is no platform
on which they can be united. It's hard to imagine that, for example,
Grant Bagratyan, Nichol Pashinyan and David Shahnazaryan can again
appear in one political structure. Each will prefer its to be the
first in everything from being the last from anything. In addition to
that, although the ANC officially announces that the government is its
only target, however, the campaigning resources of this party (and
PAP) do not spare efforts and energy to `spoil' the former ANC
members. Despite everything, acting in a united, though, not so bright
team in the politics is more preferable and prospective than as an
individual, even making a speech with adroitness and brilliant tricks.
The ANC (Dashnak), due to its developed ideology of more than a
century, has and, I hope, will always have its special place in our
political life and in the consciousness of our society. However, by
the power of inertia or due to inadequate efforts of Dashnak, the
agenda of given Party is perceived as a pure national liberation
struggle, and is not connected with the challenges of contemporary
Armenia. To abandon the values of the Party's `brand' would be stupid.
Adding the new `brands' to them is very difficult. This political
cycle was a starry hour for the `Heritage' Party. I do not think that
in the near future the `favorable parade of planets' will be repeated
for this party. Did the `Heritage' `squeeze' the maximum from given
situation? Probably not. But Raffi Hovannisian's non-standard behavior
as an opposition might be a milestone for the next oppositions, and
they rejecting the party's mistakes will use a state, restrained and
respectful towards the opponent `tonality', which was heard by the
`Heritage' party. In all cases, the new political phase requires new

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From: A. Papazian