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Armenian army officer has triplets

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  • Armenian army officer has triplets

    Armenian army officer has triplets

    June 29, 2013 | 00:04

    YEREVAN. - An Armenian army officer has triplets; two girls (Meri and
    Silva) and one boy (Henrikh).

    Aviation Institute officer-instructor Armine Karapetyan came with her
    babies to take part in Friday's Aviation Day celebrations.

    The happy mom approached Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan to thank him.
    Karapetyan had delivered her babies owing to the financial means MOD
    had allocated.

    `We petitioned to the minister for assistance; he understood and
    helped. We cannot find words to express our thanks,' Karapetyan told
    news reporters.

    At the end of the celebrations, Ohanyan and the happy family were
    photographed together. What is more, Armine Karapetyan placed her baby
    son to the minister's arms and said: `He is a future soldier.'

    News from Armenia -