Vahe Avetyan civil movement sets up memorial stone in front of
Harsnaqar restaurant

20:36 - 29.06.13

Members of the Vahe Avetyan civil movement have set up a memorial
stone in front of the Harsnaqar restaurant.

The inscription on the stone reads: `A stone commemorating officer of
the Armenian army, military doctor Vahe Avetyan will be set up here.'

Vice-Chief of the Yerevan Police Department Valeri Osipyan tried to
prevent the action, but failed.

Today, June 29, is the first anniversary of Vahe Avetyasn's death.

The Vahe Avetyan civil movement members, public figures and
Preparliament representatives gathered in front of the Harsnaqar

Armenia's ex-ombudsman Larisa Alaverdyan made a speech, addressing
General Valeri Osipyan.

`What is going on in court everyday is a slap on our face if we fail
to make this trial a punishment for the criminal elite, which enjoys
impunity. In this case we must not have a sleep of the just. I am
calling on everyone to join us. This is not an ordinary murder.
Rather, this is a murder aimed at the Armenian army.'

The movement members planned a candlelight ceremony in front of the
Harsnaqar restaurant and a march toward the house of President of the
Football Federation of Armenia Ruben Hairapetyan, owner of the
Harsnaqar restaurant.