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Raffi Hovhannisian Replied To Serzh Sargsyan's Letter

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  • Raffi Hovhannisian Replied To Serzh Sargsyan's Letter


    12:20, 26 March, 2013

    YEREVAN, MARCH 26, ARMENPRESS. The Chairman of "Heritage" party Raffi
    Hovhannisian replied to the March 25 letter of the President of the
    Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. Raffi Hovhannisian's headquarters
    informed "Armenpress" that he positively assessed that Serzh Sargsyan
    answered to his complex suggestion via a direct note. In particular
    the letter runs as follows: "Although there are certain disputable
    arguments and preconceived convictions in general formulations of the
    letter, notwithstanding it can be considered as progress that You are
    ready to hold negotiations based upon the document I introduced to You.

    I reaffirm my willingness to have a meeting with You and discuss
    present pan national outcome any time and in any format in the Liberty
    Square. I am grateful to You for Your concerns about my health. There
    is no need to be worried. I am absolutely healthy, and I don't need
    recovery and You can launch our working meeting for the sake of new
    Constitutional Armenia without delay. If there are certain reasons
    that make you consider the Liberty Square as an inappropriate place
    for the meeting, feel free to introduce Your inclusive suggestions,
    which were not involved in Your previous reply, in a letter stemming
    from my comprehensive document."

    Armenia's President Serzh Sargsyan responded to "Heritage" party
    chairman Raffi Hovhannisian's letter on March 25. The President urged
    Raffi Hovhannisian to stop the hunger strike, recuperate for a day or
    two and start working seriously together. In particular the President
    stated: "I urge you, please stop the hunger strike, recuperate for a
    day or two and we will start working seriously together, committing
    our ideas to paper, quietly, without shows, even taking as a point
    of departure your - at the moment very incondite - account."