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Ani Lorak: I'll Try To Give Concert In Yerevan Soon

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  • Ani Lorak: I'll Try To Give Concert In Yerevan Soon

    MARCH 29, 19:26

    By Marina Adulyan

    The famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak always attracts hearts of the
    audience with her charming appearance and fascinating voice. Men
    adore her, women simply admire.

    Ani Lorak appeared to be a person brimming with happiness. In an
    interview with STYLE she revealed the secrets of her beautiful
    figure, success and happiness.

    What did you want to be when you were a child?

    My mom told me the music in my life has been present since the day
    I was born. I did not start uttering words but singing. Since four,
    I knew I would be a singer. I was born in Kitsman, in the same house
    where Vladimir Ivasyuk, famous Ukrainian composer, author of the song
    "Chervona Ruta", was born. Probably it was a sign that my dream will
    come true.

    My first audience was my neighbors. They did not understand why the
    girl was singing on the street. They applauded, gave me candies. I
    liked it when they were listening to me. I was ready to sing and
    dance, just to win the attention of the audience. I liked to attract
    attention since my childhood, and now I feel happy every time going on
    stage and getting pleasure from the fact that my dream has come true.

    Do you remember the time when you became popular?

    Popularity did not come from heaven. It came gradually, it was
    the result of my work. I remember the first token of glory after
    the contest "Morning Star", where I was named a new face of the
    year. Then we released the album, shot a video and started tours. We
    continued working. I received the Grand Prix of "Big Apple Music -
    96" in New York then it was the second place at Eurovision 2008 where
    I also received "Artistic Award Eurovision Song Contest." Then, I was
    named the People's Artist of Ukraine by the president. Popularity is
    not coming at once. It comes to those who work a lot and move toward
    their goal.

    What helped you to be successful?

    In order to be successful, you have to be very persistent.

    Fortunately, I realized this at an early age because I had to rely
    only on myself. One day I came across the book "The Life of Beethoven:
    A Struggle Against Fate" which said that a dash of talent is enough
    but you need an ocean of persistence. This simple idea has become
    my motto. There are many talented people, but only a few achieve
    success - those who are not offended and do not give in before the
    difficulties. If you have a dream, you can not retreat.

    Who would you like to do a duet with?

    It would be interesting to work with artists such as Ricky Martin
    and Robbie Williams. I like the style of Beyonce, Adele and Jennifer
    Lopez. I admire the talent of Whitney Houston. The last concert of
    Madonna was fascinating. I also like the philosophy of Celine Dion.

    She is a kind of person ready to help people. I would like to meet
    her some day.

    What is your favorite book and what book would you recommend reading?

    I like reading and would recommend a series of books by Robin Sharma
    "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", "Leadership Wisdom From The Monk
    Who Sold His Ferrari (Paperback)", "The Saint The Surfer And The
    CEO" and others. His philosophy is close to me and the books are
    very instructive.

    What clothes do you like wearing off stage? Do you have jeans and

    I'm a person wearing jeans, a white T-shirt, heels and minimum of
    makeup. I am wearing the clothes in which I feel comfortable. The
    main thing is to wear clothes in which I am who I am. But on stage I
    am Shady Lady, a diva - always bright and eye-catching, with perfect
    makeup and high heels.

    You have a daughter. How do you manage to combine a career and being
    a mom?

    I honestly do not know how. This is sort of a secret to me. It is easy
    necessary to combine, because I can not imagine my life without stage
    and without my family. These are two small balls that are trying to
    balance. If you get stuck on one ball, you lose the other. Constant
    work and no rest - you must always be in balance. My zodiac sign is
    Libra. For me it is important to have balance in everything.

    Therefore, on one scale I have a family and the stage on the other. I
    do suffer when I am far from the stage for a long time. This year I
    will mark the 20th anniversary of my career on stage. First time I
    appeared on stage during a festival in the town of Chernovtsi in 1993.

    Since I was four, I had a clear understanding of my mission - to sing
    and give people positive emotions.

    What do you think can make a woman beautiful?

    Love. Because you can wear a beautiful dress, have a nice makeup,
    but if your eyes are not shining with love and interest, love for
    others, it is unlikely that a woman will attract attention and will
    be interesting. I strongly believe that true beauty is love. The
    most beautiful woman is the one who lives in love, is able to give
    and receive love.

    Ani, do you have any beauty secrets? Can you share them?

    I almost never eat bread. I can just eat a piece of rye bread if
    I really want to. I do not eat much sweets. And the most important
    is doing exercises every day, which I advise my friends. You can do
    exercise lying on the bed when you just woke up. It is important not
    to be lazy. There can be no excuses! I do it every day. Skip? No way!

    Then I will respect myself. The most interesting is that it really
    works. You feel how your body wakes up.

    How do you like to dress your daughter?

    Oh, I have cards of all children's stores! We can not buy a single pair
    of shoes, we just buy the entire collection. My daughter simply does
    not have time to put on more than a half of the purchased clothes. So
    I understand that shopping is more fun for mom, than for Sofia. But
    when I see a beautiful silk dress, I can not resist! It is good that
    there is someone to inherit my outfits. Some designer pieces, the
    gifts of godparents, are so beautiful that you can hang them on the
    wall as a piece of art. I think it is not that important for a child
    at an early age to have shoes from Dior or a jacket from Versace. It
    is nice to get such presents but I, personally, would not buy designer
    clothes for kids.

    Do you consider yourself a happy person? What is necessary to make
    Ani Lorak happy?

    I am a happy person. I thank God for what I have. To be happy you
    need determination. Sometimes, people do not have a sense of gratitude
    for what they already have. We often do not appreciate what we have,
    do not understand that it is a gift to see the sun every day. All
    this is happiness! When we realize that we can be happy, we will
    feel the taste of happiness. Melody of happiness is always within us,
    you only need to learn how to hear it.

    Do you know anything about Yerevan? Are you planning to give concerts

    I know Armenians are very hospitable people, and Yerevan is a beautiful
    city with wide avenues, green squares and parks. We will try to come
    to your city with a great concert program in the near future, and of
    course to learn more about the culture of your city. STYLE