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NKR MFA: Azerbaijan has stared using a new propaganda trick

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  • NKR MFA: Azerbaijan has stared using a new propaganda trick

    NKR Foreign Ministry: Azerbaijan has stared using a new propaganda trick

    by Alexandr Avanesov

    Saturday, August 31, 17:27

    Azerbaijan, whose attempts to abort the negotiation process for the
    peaceful settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and the
    Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) are becoming more evident, has
    resorted to new propaganda tricks, NKR Foreign Ministry said in a
    The July 19, 2013 letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of
    Azerbaijan to the UN Secretary General (circulated in the UN as a
    document A/67/952-S/2013/478 on August 13, 2013) is a vivid
    manifestation of such a policy of Azerbaijan.

    This time Azerbaijan is trying to utilize for its political goals the
    Syrian crisis, which is currently under the focus of the international
    community, in particular the fate of the Syrian Armenians that, along
    with other Syrian refugees, are forced to find refuge in different
    parts of the world.

    Overwhelmed by its mania of distorting the essence of the conflict and
    misleading the international community, the Minister of Foreign
    Affairs of Azerbaijan did not hesitate to use obvious lies and
    misinformation. It should be noted in particular that no single person
    mentioned in the so-called `resettled people' list conveyed along with
    the letter to the UN Secretariat, has ever been, and is not currently
    on the territory of the NKR.
    Azerbaijan once again distorts and selectively interprets facts
    concerning the activities of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, claiming
    that two field assessment missions of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs
    dispatched to Nagorno-Karabakh have allegedly recorded "numerous
    violations of the norms and principles of international humanitarian

    It is well-known that those missions, which were carried out with the
    consent and support of the NKR authorities, in their reports refuted
    the Azeri allegations about the implementation of resettlement
    programs. Meanwhile, it is appropriate to recall that Azerbaijan
    refused and still does not allow access for an OSCE Minsk Group
    Co-Chairs' field assessment mission to the occupied territories of
    Nagorno-Karabakh, where in an organized manner large-scale projects of
    settlement of Azeris are being implemented in previously
    Armenian-populated areas.
    It is a matter of special concern that the Minister of Foreign Affairs
    of a country with a status of non-permanent member of the UN Security
    Council uses direct threats in his letter.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic calls
    on the UN Member States to take measures preventing the attempts of
    Azerbaijan to use the high tribune of the UN for propaganda
    machinations, and support the mediation efforts of the OSCE Minsk
    Group Co-Chairs in finding a comprehensive and lasting solution to the
    conflict between the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan.

    From: Baghdasarian