Vice-speaker of Armenian parliament highly appreciates the visit by
Russian public figures to Karabakh

by Alexandr Avanesov

Saturday, August 31, 17:29

Vice speaker of the Armenian parliament Edward Sharmazanov yesterday
received a group of Russian journalists and public figures who had
visited Artsakh: Anna Chapman, Yekaterina Panina, Sergei Karnaukhov,
Irina Polmacheva, Pavel Sigal, and Chairman of Russian-Armenian
Cooperation NGO Yuri Navoyan.

As press service of Armenia's National Assembly reported, Sharmazanov
highly appreciated the initiative of Russian public figures to visit
Nagorno Karabakh in person and learn the truth about Artsakh and its
people. Attaching importance to the strong interstate relationship
between Armenia and Russia in various spheres, the vice speaker spoke
about the necessity of active social contacts aimed at further
strengthening of these relations, as well as about efforts and a
compassionate attitude to support and assist each other.

The Russian reporters and public figures spoke with admiration about
endurance and solidarity of the hospitable people of Artsakh and their
determination to live in an independent and prosperous state. They
said unanimously that peacefulness is one of the characteristic
qualities of Artsakh residents. They assured E. Sharmazanov that their
initiative will continue and that they have serious goals to implement
various cultural and humanitarian programs in Artsakh.

The guests told Sharmazanov that the previous day they visited the
Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex, paid tribute to the memory of the
Genocide victims and decided to hold events ahead of the centenary of
the Armenian Genocide with the aim of preventing such barbarities in
the future.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress